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ex_rubberdagger said:
rosinacarley said:
Oh dear Light Blue, can we not all play nicely?

If it helps Pinch doesn't like the RNR either, I just ignore him. Also please do not get the booties wound up because otherwise they just do an OP in your shed and eat all your mice. I can assure you it is not pleasant and very inconvenient having mouse skeletons lying around, and the smell - well you can imagine.

Anyway, I am pleased to welcome you to the forum, I am all for diversity. However I will draw the line at loving and hugging you but it jolly nice to have you here.


Suppose a hard shag is out of the question then???

:thumright: :thumright:

woah there - i aint fighting no crab - :spam2:

It'll be seconds out - he'll see I'm a Wafu and want to swap tail numbers (and worse) :hug: