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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Light_Blue, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Okay, being new to the forum, and having been told this is the place for "fight club" threads I'd just like to say my initial thoughts of the user "Pinch" is that he is a massive phallus. He launched straight into rubbish insults on the intro thread without even saying hello - that's just plain rude!

    He hasn't even got the wit or repartee to engage me with some witty anti-RAF stuff, ffs I thought we were all in the military? What happened to a bit of friendly inter-service banter.

    So, to summarise, Pinch, I've decided you are a c0cknosher until you prove otherwise.

    Love and hugs.

  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    *Blobbs gets the beers in, stacks up on popcorn and eases back in the chair whilst putting his feet up* :violent1:
  3. Feck me Crabfat, you should hear his opinion of you, no best not your therapists bills are probably high enough as it is.
    "Mum a big lad didn't say hello, called me names and then ran hoo."
    Grow a pair.
    Have a nice day.
  4. You dissapoint me, a MOD no less and you still can't come with anything remotely amusing.

    I'm waiting for someone to launch a verbal tirade I can have a giggle at.
  5. woah - one to the crab boy.

    light-blue if you want me to wax your moustache during rounds I,m your shagger

    or there again - youve just joined and i see that immeidiately you want to fight everyone - are you being bullied for wearing your chip-hat ashore.
  6. Chip hat or Thunderbirds!
  7. Finally - someone who has a sense of humour!

    Sorry old boy, Ginger and the chaps are down the "O" club and I have to get a shed on, Chip hat in the dry cleaners and stable belt shrunk in the wash.

    Pip pip.
  8. I'm sorry I didn't realise I was in a duff Harry Enfield sketch from 1992, now that I have been corrected I'll try and do better.
    I see that you find Biggles parodies highly amusing. YAWN.
    Feck off back to Goatshagger.
    PS I don't Moderate in this Forum so I can say what I like, if the Mod of this forum doesn't like my posts he'll contact me in the usual manner.
  9. I do hope the aforementioned cock was suitably tested for avian flu before it was noshed!
  10. About as funny as the use of the word "crabfat" every 5 seconds?

    I welcome any comments, particularly banter-type ones, I was just expressing disappointment with your distinctly lacklustre response...

    I like RR, I think I'll stay seeing as I've donated also. Just waiting for someone to come along with some good comebacks and not just tired old rhetoric.

    Love and hugs.

  12. He does not like you Pinch. :threaten:
  13. Unfortunately (for you, that is) the term 'Crabfat' is the only word the vast majority of us have to describe you and yours, so we have no other choice.

  14. Dakakakakakaka,Dakakakakakakakaka,Dakakakakakakaka!

    Tally Ho,Chaps,look out for the Hun from the Sun!

    Ginger,behind you,Yellow nosed bastard at 6 O'clock!

    You can teach MONKIES to fly better than that!
  16. ....there I was, 10,000 feet, nothing on the clock but the makers name....tally-ho, what,what......
  17. Oh dear Light Blue, can we not all play nicely?

    If it helps Pinch doesn't like the RNR either, I just ignore him. Also please do not get the booties wound up because otherwise they just do an OP in your shed and eat all your mice. I can assure you it is not pleasant and very inconvenient having mouse skeletons lying around, and the smell - well you can imagine.

    Anyway, I am pleased to welcome you to the forum, I am all for diversity. However I will draw the line at loving and hugging you but it jolly nice to have you here.

  18. We can all play nicely, I like you Navy types. Doesn't change what I think of Pinch though, but hey you can't have it all!

    I wouldn't wind a Bootie up, don't want my head ripped off and finding my neck full of saliva thanks!

    Much obliged.

  19. So, chicken rather than cock, eh?
  20. ..What you been drinking Rosie??...who's side you on??.. :thumright:

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