Forty five years ago!!!

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Polycell, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. Me and Isadirty were holed up in Malta for eighteen months!!
    Ronnies bar does it still exist? I doubt it!!
    Yea gods where have the years gone.
  2. Hopefully not - me and Jock Hastie shot through owing him cash "On de Book": when TROUTBRIDGE returned to Malta, he turned up in a dgaisha looking for us !!!(We were both FPS on EXMOUTH by then). First (and last)time I ever saw a Maltese off.
  3. I was there in the 70/80s and he was still looking for the both of you, :D
  4. Oh sh*t his son's our local pimp, and I've just shown him your post.
    Fcukin sorry :oops: 8O
  5. Oh JD! Dear old fat Ronnie his egg sarnies and cans of soup!!
    Two bottles of Marsavin four seven ups on the book please Ronnie!
    I seemed to remember that Ronnies bar was part of the leaving routine when you left Hal Far!!
    Falling in and out of love with the airy fairy wrens at Hal Far winding up the guard dogs.
    Went to Malta in '92 for a holiday. Our mess in St Angelo was then a home for two familees, Ronnies has disappeared of the face of the earth. The Gut and Barraka lift both gone. Bighi loooks like a bomb site. It was hard to believe that there was ever a Med fleet holed up there.
    I heard from Brum Plant's wife that Brum died a few years back but thinking about it I guess most of the 'sailors' would be now dead, god they were ancient then.
  6. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Ahem!! :?
  7. Remember Tom Garrod's dog ? He brought it back from a run down the Gut one night, and it stayed with us. Apart from the fact it was the UGLIEST mutt ever, it was properly house trained and always went ouside to answer the call of nature. Unfortunately, it answered the call one day at 0800 on ST ANGELO's quarterdeck as they were doing the Colours bit. (I think this was one of the reasons they shoved us up to Hal Far.)
    And damn me if the dog didn't upset all the Woo guard dogs when it was on heat, dragging their handlers through those apologies for bushes on the living site, much to Jack's amusement. I think it ended up in the MQs somewhere, because the Barrackmaster was going to have it shot. Dolly was it's name I think.
  8. I have a photo of Tom and his dog. I think, no, I know the dog was better looking than Tom!
    Wonder what happened to him (Tom not the dog) did the dog come to Hal Far with us? Well it must have done if you say so.
    Sorry 'granny' but its true. We had a bunch of sailors, initially as towing crew and refit party that was about ten strong I guess and most of them were in their late thirties, old Father Horsham or A/B Horsham was a little thick set hairy Janner he would shave just before both watches in the morning by tot time he had a full set!!!
    Me and 'Isadirty' were mere sprogs I was just 19 when we hit the wall in Malta dockyard.
    Remember a killick stoker that joined us bloke called Tom Bowler spent the first night in Malta visiting every bar up the Gut looking for a Juke box with a Vera Lynn record on it.
    Rose the landladys daughter in the English Rose bar at the bottom of the gut was 'essences' but she had a squiffy eye when she looked at you and asked what you wanted, whoever was to your right used to answer 'bottle of Marasavin please Rose.
    Bobby in the Galvanised Donkey or was it the Gypo Queen never can remember played a mean piano. Big eats in Ben Marls diner!!!! You could get anything from steak egg chips mushies and peas to spag bog all for 1/6. Bottle of Marasavin on a blank week 1/6 payday or when the Yanks were in 2/6. Bottle of Hop Leaf or Blue two bob.

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