Forthcoming eBook / print book that questions the Thatcher government before, during and after the Falklands Conflict

Chris P

War Hero
Falklands vet. True.
Whistleblower. True.
Employer Destroyer. Not True.

You deserve some leeway on the last one. It's not literally true. It would take an exceptional individual to literally destroy Wirral Council AND Cheshire West and Chester Council in the short space of six years. Let's face it, they both deduct around £150 in Council tax from hundreds of thousands of individual citizens every month. So their pockets are deep. Cardin succeeded and made fools of two sets of directors who came after him, but their financial superiority coupled with a propensity to abuse power ensured they could keep their jobs and continue to function after he'd gone.

Be careful not to over extend and make a complete fool of yourself in response. You're halfway there already. My advice would be: take a deep breath, apply your time to some careful online research on the subjects of Cardin, whistleblowing and employment law.

Thanks for your time and your contribution. Take care :)
Not really interested, your initial impression to me and others was quite sufficient to provoke the reponse it did..