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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by chrisj09, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. now the formular one season has kicked in who are you hoping to win this year's championships?

    im thinking button has chance this year.
  2. You could be right. The new construction rules have certainly thrown a few spanners in a number of Teams' works.
  3. And there goes another fast car


    do not care who wins,

    Bernie will decide anyway!!
  4. Oh look, there's another field with chaps kicking a ball around it!
  5. What a qualifying session. I was up watching it.

    I don't care who wins along as it's not Ferrari lol
  6. No adverts to look forward to this season, tsk.
  7. Was hoping for Hamilton to retain his title but it sounds highly unlikely - I can't believe that the problems with the car weren't picked up before now.

    Button is a hot tip now that he's in a good car. Thinking Vettel will do well too.
  8. Just watched a taped practice/qualifying. Breathe of fresh air for Button/Barichello methought
  9. Here - Here. I hope Ross's new team every success. Ferrari lost a real asset when he left. Team Braun backed by Virgin I hear!!!! Is there anything Branson hasn't got a finger in!!!!
  10. Apart from Thingy's Rectum I don't think there is. I did find it funny when he swore on live tv this morning lol DC couldn't hold a straight face.
  11. ChrisJ09: Frankly mate I couldn't give a toss who wins the Formula 1 - as long as we don't have that dimshit Jeremy Clarkson yawning on and on and on and on about how it was won, why it was won, what would happen if it hadn't been won. Whichever person wins then good luck to them - there are over a billion Chinese who don't give a shit long as the planet keeps in its orbit...
  12. I stopped watching F1 back in abut 2000 when it was really stagnant and there were not really any surprise results. I've heard a number of people say that there have been rule changes that make the event much more exciting. I don't know what these rule changes, if any, are.

    Would anyone care to explain some of them?
  13. Slick tyres are back.

    A lot of the aerodynamics have gone making the car harder to drive. (Giving the driver a job). By aerodynamics I mean things like the little winglets have gone, the 'gills' on the side pods etc. And the mods mean overtaking is back on the agenda.

    Engines have to last even longer now.
  14. Crap!!!!! Busy watching the qualifying on BBC iPlayer.

    Bloody BBC have given Martin (Boring) Brundle a job. Bollix.

    Him and Allen spoilt the commentary on ITV now the nob is working for the beeb.
  15. great race, lots of overtaking, a major prob previously, and enjoyable. Bet Those 2 twats had a severe talking to after that little shunt towards the end...............and read in the paper this morning that Louise was awarded 3rd!!!

  16. Youtube ahs removed the clip! c***ts
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Just like the FIA have removed points from Hamilton & McLaren :(
  18. Hamilton will not win this year, quite amazed he won last year. Bernie and his sado mates will not allow a black driver to win, well only if he drives for Ferrari!!! Bernie and his chums have it in for McLaren and Hamilton, so fcuk the F1 can't be arsed to watch it any more so long as these pricks are in charge. Rant complete AR. :x
  19. He's been fined this morning for speeding in the pit lane.

    Also the team manager who was with in the trulli investigation has been suspended

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