Forms to bring for recruting test (102 and 493)?


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I have my RT on 26th this month. I got the email with the details which mentioned I need to print off some forms, fill them in, sign them and bring them along. The forms were MOD form 493, AFCO form 102 (ratings), and Tattoo Proforma.

I got 2 attachments in the email, one for RT advice/study and the other looks to be the forms I need to print. However I cannot see which part is the 102 form - or is the entire thing the 102 form (the supplementary application form)? In the letter it has links for the tattoo proforma and the MOD form 493, so Ive got them.

Having a hard time getting in touch by phone since I work full time (cant use phone) and the career office is shut when I finish work.



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The 102 form? Is that the criminal convictions one? If so, I have a copy I could send over to you if you pm me your email?

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No I believe the criminal convictions one is the 493 form. I'm not sure what the 102 is, but it did say in the email that it would be included in the attachment, yet it doesn't say 102 on any of the documents.

I basically have been sent a supplementary application form and need to know if this is indeed the 102.


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You need to print, complete & bring the 102 (supplementary application form), tattoo proforma (both sides) 493 (rehabilitation of offenders).

You also need to bring the listed documents...and the bit everyone under 18 forgets, scroll down the email - the parental consent form, if applicable.

Good luck.