Former Defence Chiefs Challenge Gordon Brown Over Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Also covered by The Times here: Defence chiefs attack Brown's Chilcot evidence

    All the equipment procured under UORs since 2001 has placed an additional burden on the Defence budget for staffing, training and maintenance while equipment procured under normal funding has been consumed or worn out much faster than planned under original assumptions owing to nine years of continuous conflict in hostile environments.

    Another objection is that the Defence Budget was predicated on the 1998 Strategic Defence Review but the Government then proceeded to double the commitments on which it was based. Until then, a 1.5% increase in Defence spending didn't look too bad even though 'defence inflation' was running at a much higher rate.

    There was a triple whammy in that Resource Accounting & Budgeting (RAB) was also implemented in the MoD in 2001. As this imposed an initial 6% penalty (now 3.5%) per annum on all capital items (real estate, storage facilities, equipment, etc) owned by the MoD, there was a rush to dispose of many of its assets including come-in handy items (e.g. equipment and infrastructure only needed in war). The MoD then banked on clawing back the cash savings it had accrued in disposing of these assets but this was easier said than done.

    Government-wide RAB is singularly unsuited for Defence because it is so difficult to measure tangible outputs against costs. Do you count wars averted, shipping lanes protected, intelligence gathered, bang per buck or maybe the number of enemy KIA? More info here:

    Resource Accounting and Budgeting
    UK Defence Statistics 2009
  2. It's amazing that these generals and spooks having now retired on a huge pension are happy to 'gob off', pity they had not done so at the time. Monty stood up to Churchill in WW11 when he wanted him to get stuck into the Germans in North Africa, Monty's response was that he would go when he was ready.

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  4. Excellent depiction of Blair (That would be the journey to hell would it?) and what is that hovering in the rear? How you know when a politician is lying. His/Her lips are moving.

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