Former Booty to RMR

Left the corps 10 months ago after 5 years and now going to go RMR, does anyone know how long it takes to join and what the process is?

cheers sugs


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Hello Sugs

What RMR unit or Detachment are you looking to join ?
My advice would be to phone the Unit and arrange to go down on the next convinient Drill Night , the staff there will give you all the details you need and can advise you on the AFCO process.
If you have only been outside for 10 months is "should" be a relativley painless evolution .
Units are on Summer Leave at present so you may not get an immediate response

good luck
Cheers Moose,

I was going to try get into the Bristol detachment in Plymouth. But thinking about rejoining all together now, if they accept my request. If not I will certainly go for the RMR.

Thanks again.


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Sugs, if you don't mind me being nosey, may I ask why you left and why you want to rejoin? (Things like this are useful for discussion with my son who is hoping to join up.)
Yeah not a problem, I left because I wanted to try and get in the fire service or police and, but couldn't of left at a worse time for that.
The reason I want to rejoin is that I didn't appreciate how good the corps can actually be if you take charge of your career, many benefits which you take for granted - pay, AT, healthcare, qualifications, courses, phys and trips away which are like mini lads holidays, which are otherwise hard to explain when having a family. There are certain things which I wish I went for when I was in as well and feel like I would really regret it if I never gave it a shot.

Not to forget the lads which normally make any rubbish detail a good one. Hope this helps.


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Have you thought about the MARSEC option , good money , good trips , its pretty much like being in the Corps but without the bull**t and you get treated like an adult - get the right company and it spretty much all bootnecks anyway
just a thought ?
Thats what I've been doing since I left, was good and did ok with it, just not my cup of tea to be honest. Was in a company which was just Bootnecks. But left the corps to try find a normal job, so I'm in between trying to find a normal job and rejoining.

I would also recommend that to ex royal though.
Cheers Moose


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ok Sugs - best of luck whatever you do , no disrespect and i am probably a bit longer in the tooth than you - but i have been there and i dont think you will find that "normall job " and if you do find it ---- you will get pissed off within a year or so , the routine will wear you down and before long you will need that "green fix "anyway i hope the Corps takes you back in
Your probably right there Moose, just want to give it the best shot for the families sake. But always get the urge to get back in. Will let you know how I get on.

I know someone else very much like you! Get back in the Corps Royal. Moose is mate of mine and his advice is well meant but the Corps whacks everything else out here, 4 blokes on tanker is nothing like the Corps. Good Luck, PMPT.
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Left the Corps in 72, wife, young kids. Thought be nice to see more of them. Civvi-street makes I larf, different race. Big mistake . As you are finding out,it's not until you leave that you relise what you are missing.
ALLSEEINGEYE if you don't mind me asking what branch is the guy that you know?

Yorkiepronto You are right there, I have really started to miss it and it it a completely different world.
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