Formation of the RN Warfare Branch

Would someone provide the date when the Ops Branch was superseded by the Warfare Branch and any particularly significant ramifications please? I'm attempting to trace the historical evolution of a couple of sub-branches but Google hasn't helped much with more recent changes.
I'm sure but not 100% OM's was introduced around 1993/1994. It was only a a couple of years before I joined. There was only a few PO(AWW) & PO(AWT)'s when I joined. HMS Glasgow in 1997 was still an OPs department ship there was only about 5 OM's on board when I joined the ship.

Plenty of sourch branches, they taught me a heck of alot and despite being made to sit on the floor as I was an OM and no badges of gold so had to do as I was told in the Mess. It was good.

About 2001/2002 they murged the OM(AW), (UW) and (EW) into OM(W) due to man power shortage.

That's all I sort of know to be honest. Sorry if no help


Lantern Swinger
NG. If I recall there was an article about the warfare branch in one of the MW and Diving Mags from about 93/94. Given your background, you may have a copy.

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