Formation of the RN Warfare Branch

Discussion in 'History' started by Naval_Gazer, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. Would someone provide the date when the Ops Branch was superseded by the Warfare Branch and any particularly significant ramifications please? I'm attempting to trace the historical evolution of a couple of sub-branches but Google hasn't helped much with more recent changes.
  2. I'm sure but not 100% OM's was introduced around 1993/1994. It was only a a couple of years before I joined. There was only a few PO(AWW) & PO(AWT)'s when I joined. HMS Glasgow in 1997 was still an OPs department ship there was only about 5 OM's on board when I joined the ship.

    Plenty of sourch branches, they taught me a heck of alot and despite being made to sit on the floor as I was an OM and no badges of gold so had to do as I was told in the Mess. It was good.

    About 2001/2002 they murged the OM(AW), (UW) and (EW) into OM(W) due to man power shortage.

    That's all I sort of know to be honest. Sorry if no help
  3. NG. If I recall there was an article about the warfare branch in one of the MW and Diving Mags from about 93/94. Given your background, you may have a copy.
  4. GCYZ - Thanks for the tip. It looks as though it was introduced in late 1993 although I remember there were delays in some areas.

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