Forgotten grave found and restored by sailor and his dog.

Nice to know this close to remembrance that we are still remembering the dead before us (and finding those lost by the sidelines) and restoring their final resting places to former glory. As a note though, I'd have thought one's would have been appropriate as opposed to 4's with medals. Are we now going down the route of the army and going to parade in working rig as a standard?

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The only one wearing medals with his PCS is the bish, and they're a bit weird at the best of times!!!!


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To be fair, the Padre does have his bling on the scarf he is wearing.

The figure on the right is a fine figure of a man, I did not know they made uniform that size!


Re-reading the dit, most of them are OC's from BRNC and Phase 1's from Raleigh. They may not have 1's yet.
OCs from BRNC are certainly issued with No 1 Uniform. They were all wearing it for the open weekend when parents and partners visit early in their course.

I see that the army major was wearing medals. Nice to see a sense of decorum!

Bad CO

Anyone else spotted that Maj Charlie King appears to have come to the ceremony straight from his primary school?

Oh and well done WO1 Paskins.

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