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Forgot to put things on medical forms...

Hi people,
New to this site and I'm hopefully joining Engineering Technician on a sub.

So I filled out my medical forms and handed them in after passing my test and interview. I then got my medical history from my gp (took 5 weeks!) and realied I'd forgotten to put a few things down! They're not serious problems, just things I suffered with 6 years ago and totally forgot about.

None of these effect me now and aren't on the bar to entry list of medical problems.

If I contact my careers adviser and let them know I've f*cked up, should this be ok? I've not seen the doctor yet or passed/failed my medical yet, so hopefully this shouldn't be a problem?

Any advice?



War Hero
The Medical Questionnaire specifically asks whether you have ever suffered from a precise list of medical conditions and you are advised to confirm your medical history with your parent guardian (particularly in relation to early childhood issues).

It would be unusual to simultaneously forget several issues listed on the questionnaire but not declared. In order to avoid any accusation of a deliberately fraudulent application and the consequences, particularly with regard issues that are of a trivial or inconsequential nature, you would be best-off declaring the issues to the Medical Examiner at the medical itself.

When you complete the medical questionnaire, you sign a consent form permitting access to your entire medical history so it is best not to risk anything through accidental omission, particularly for minor issues of no relevance otherwise.
thanks for replying.
I've contacted them and they said the nurse is going to contact me. I'm hoping we can just redo everything so I can disclose it all fully.

it was just minor things like going to the gp for growing pains 9 years ago!

I feel like such an idiot, I wasn't trying to hide anything just totally forgot. Hence why I got my GP records just to make sure.


War Hero
Hind sight is a great thing, learn from this, and endeavor to prepare better in the future.
You could have done as Ninja said, ask those that have known you all your life or asked the GP before filling in application.
You need to learn when to ask for help, if you think you know it all then you are in for a shock?
It wasn't that I thought I knew it all or anything like that. I just got the papers 3 days before my interview and they asked me to bring the medical forms during the interview so I did not have chance to ask my gp for a history before hand.
I'm hoping it shouldn't be an issue as I'm still disclosing all my information before I've even seen the doctor at my medical...
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