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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lilcho, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. Had my medical last week, all went well... Only thing is, long story short.. I photocopied all my naval documents (medical questionnaire, applications etc) just incase they ever got lost, and just recently reading through I have realised I forgot to declare I went to A&E for a very minor knock 5 years ago under the question 'have you gone to hospital for illness/injury/operation'. Obviously this wont bar me from entry but I dont want to cause any issues.

    what shall I do? Shall I ring and tell them?
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  2. Succinctly put lilcho.
  3. Friggin hell you've forgotten to tell him about more than I've ever had.
  4. hahaha I may have made my explanation quite long winded, apolagies!
  5. I forgot to declare my motorbike as SORN.

    DVLA robbing ***** fined me £80.
  6. Anyone got an answer to my original post? lol I guess it may be one for Angrydoc or ninja
  7. Yes I've got an answer, oh hang on a minute...nope, it's gone. Sorry.
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  8. You wanna be careful you don't get angry ninja.
  9. Lilcho

    If you look on your CA's card, you should be able to see his/her e-mail address. If not, find the e-mail address for your AFCO here:

    Careers Offices | Royal Navy

    Draft an e-mail saying what you have said in your post and then send it to the AFCO.
  10. Yes I think ill have to contact my AFCO. I'm not as concerned about the old minor injury, its more the rhinitis from years ago - reason is because I don't want to roll up to Raleigh and get sent home.
  11. JWG


    New to the Site :) Forgive me for either being naive or stupid but how would Raleigh find out? I would have thought they are only likely to look into records if a problem arose?
  12. Oh I don't know if Raleigh would check, but I could have sworn integrity might have something to do with our Core Values...
  13. Is there something you are worried about? :p
  14. JWG


    I'm not saying they should lie. I was just wondering if they would actually go through everybody's records as by that stage anything that would actually cause a problem would have, more than likely, shown up.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Interesting that this thread is resurrected 6 months later on a whim, presumably using the words in the thread title on a site search.

    Your medical notes are scrutinised when you join, anything not declared, subsequently found to have been an undisclosed pre existing injury or condition will result in dismissal for a fraudulent application.

    It happens more frequently than many assume - sometimes just days before or after entry.
  16. I am with Ninja Stoker. Fail to declare something at your peril!

    The fraudulent entry charge is a career long possibility if something occurs that can be traced back to exist prior to joining. It is a matter personal standards, honesty and integrity.

    Fess up - gain a little respect for being honest!
  17. JWG


    Just to clarify I am not in the rn an haven't applied either. Was more a query. But would have to agree, integrity comes into it and there's not much point somebody omitting something
  18. I forgot to declare my genius, and ended up washing dixies in the galley..:sad3:
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Fair call. The query being; "If someone intends to 'forget', in advance, to declare a pre-existing condition/injury which is a potential bar to entry, will it be discovered? (asking for a friend)".

    A; It usually is, yes, and penalties are attached.

    The simple fact is the standards for entry have evolved over many years, sometimes through tragic circumstances. In the game of warfare, lives are at stake and we have to reduce the risk to the individual and those who rely upon them as an integral part of a combat team operating in extreme conditions, enduring extraordinary circumstances.

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