Foreign travel whilst on leave/holidays

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by alexissonice, Apr 23, 2014.

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  1. I'm not sure if this has been covered anywhere. My apologise if it has.
    I'm a keen diver and general outdoor enthusiast am known to like to swan off too far corners of the Far East (Malaysia, Philippines etc) on any time off I have to do some diving or caving or anything pulse raising. I'm just curious how foreign travel works in the Navy when it comes to taking leave. I understand that an application to leave the country has to be submitted and approved etc, but what are the restrictions I'm going to encounter (ie. what countries are off limits to service personnel) and if anyone who has travelled far and wide on their holidays while serving has any advice on important perquisites to any foreign travel while on leave (insurance and worse case scenarios) ...

    Thanks kindly :)
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  2. There was, don't know if it still exists, a list which informs you which foreign countries you may go to without permission and those you do require permission or at least to notify those in charge where you are pooling off to. The list is updated as the political and world climate dictates!

    Also, there may be issues with adrenalin rush activities. The Navy wouldn't want to lose one of its finest because they like to throw themselves off tall buildings or dive into big dark holes!!! So you would need to check.
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  4. You're good as long as you're not going to a CSSRA. (Countries to which special security restrictions apply) these countries are restricted so even though I have them in front of me I can't say on here, but your UPO or Int cell will hold details.

    Most of them are obvious. So if you think there may be a snag, there probably is.

    Check anyway.

    Edited to add: FCO advice should always be checked in addition to CSSRA. Not instead of. I've found that out to my cost in the past.
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  5. Told me I couldn't go to Macau, from Hong Kong. after I had already spent a weekend racing there, only stamp I ever had in my passport ;-P
  6. "The foreign office advises against all essential travel to Islands of Sabah,Malaysia"


    I wonder why all the exciting places in the world go hand in hand with nutty terrorist organisations and fanatics? Why can't they just get over themselves and let us crack on?
  7. What you have to consider is the RN will take you to places many folk on the planet will only dream about. So it can be horses for courses.
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  8. I ask myself the same question. I'm waiting for bandits to stop kidnapping people in the Darian Gap so I can travel from Punta Arenas to Anchorage in a oner.
  9. South East Asia has quite an established backpacker / tourist agenda so I'm hoping that's guna be alright in most tourist areas. Sure it will (for the time being anyway!) ..but how does the leave usually work? it that once you leave its fixed as per the ships schedule and all approved that it's then concrete or is there always the possibility that your ship may need to deploy in an emergency whereby you would always need to make precautions (insurance) to make sure you can get back in short notice?
  10. You'd be surprised ref SE Asia. What's regarded as safe for civilians is not always so for Forces personnel in the eyes of our masters.

    You are always liable for recall and should always get travel insurance in case you have to cancel. You input your contact details for that period when you submit your leave.

    As long as you don't just switch your phone off and make every attempt to return if recalled. All is good. However, what would life be without the odd gamble?
  11. I should probably add: even if a country is listed as CSSRA that doesn't necessarily mean you can't go, just that you must inform your chain of command and possibly attend a brief or two.

    Obviously if it's Somalia or Afghanistan you're going to get told to **** off.
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  12. I was just thinking about this. My dad is originally from Egypt, emigrated decades ago to practise medicine here in the UK (my mums british) but he's got lots of family out there in quite a rural area (which sadly is an area which is known to have Muslim brotherhood sympathisers). None of the family out there are aware of my future profession and I don't believe there is any plans to reveal that I am joining the forces due to the's a shame but it's a cruel reality. I'm hoping that the situation does not escalate so far that I'm am unable to visit them out there still. I hoping it hasn't already!
  13. Maybe next time you visit you'll be armed and accompanied by a whole bunch of NATO pals.

    That would be an interesting reunion.
  14. HA! "What did you say you did again?"
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    The internet isn't really the place to post Restricted info. I suggest that you pay more attention in the briefs you're given at Raleigh.
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  16. MOD Edited.

    Reason: Quoted Adro1001's security faff.
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  17. What a way to grief a Geordie who was just trying to help. Cheers

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  18. HA! Sorry mate I had no idea! I'd share a can of local brew wit ya on a rubber ring in vang veing any day shipmate!
  19. That'll do me.cheers haha

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  20. Also, if you are a member of certain branches/work in certain locations or government departments/have certain clearances above DV, then there are further restrictions on where you can and can't go.

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