Foreign Student Welcome says Camoron

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Again its another example of Britain being a soft touch.
  2. Cue Guzzler............................................................
  3. Oh, don't be cruel and wind him up. He'll be busy getting back from the protest of Marine Le Penn at Cambridge university yesterday Linky
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  4. Not at all, he just enjoys this kind of debate.
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  5. I don't see what the big deal is with us welcoming foreign students. We welcome everyone else anyway, and I mean everyone. Terrorists, hate clerics, system abusers, etc
  6. Yep,let `em come as long as they bring their money and credit cards too.
  7. [​IMG] Feck 'em all.
  8. Thanks but a tad sleepy this evening. I'll see if the curry wakes me up.
  9. Immigration can be a good thing if approached with the right mind set by both the immigrant and his/her new home. I have been an immigrant for the past 21 years (5 years in Tokyo and 16 in Thailand).

    Firstly, there were no handouts waiting for me in either countries. If I didn't find work then I didn't eat and the sky would be my roof.

    Secondly, I needed to prove that I was well educated before being granted my visa in both countries - they don't want or are willing to turn a blind eye to our dross! Well...for Thailand this is one hell of a stretch but for Japan, they are extremely racist and an island to boot, so zero tolerance.

    On my part, I came with a good heart and keen to make a life for myself which contributes to the betterment of the countries I reside in. In the case of Thailand, they do allow loop holes for those who come at the issue from my perspective - when its a win/win why not?

    I read with extreme emotions the abuse perpertrated by a lot of immigrants in the UK. The hate speech from the muslim clerics, islamist patrols, enclaves of Polish, Indians, Pakistannis and West Indians which have turned the UK into a mish mash of a nation.

    These extreme emotions ranging from anger to despair have been stoked by successive governments who have robbed their own citizens of vital resources only to divert them to illegal alliens, hate mongers of our country and all we stand for and system abusers who see the UK as the promised land of easy street - no work and benefit funded free life style well above that they can find in their own country. Don't even get me started on the terrorists and the organised criminals/war criminals on the lam who have made their way over to our shores and have their feet well and truly under the table of the good ship HMS Britannia!

    At best many of these immigrants are contributing the square root of feck all - at worse they are trying to undermine the very fabric of British society! The next time they heckle a welcome home parade of British forces or disrupt a Rememberance ceremony, I say, sick the dogs on 'em and tear the buggers apart!
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  10. Utter bollocks and you know it. Yeah, sorry MODs, CA and all that, but come on...
  11. Are you related to Taloolah?

    When was the last time you were in the UK to witness all these things first hand instead of reading them?
  12. Rocksteady... you seem to have posted your CV for a job at the Daily Mail on RR by mistake...good luck!!!
  13. Sorry, don't get you. Are you saying that you are quite happy with the problems created by the example of immigrants I listed - the fundermental Islamists who are dedicated to bringing Sharia to the shores of the UK, the immigrants who are here to feed off state benefits, terrorist cells such as those which created 7/7 et al and the underworld gangs with all the vice they deal in?

    As I have said, I'm all for positive migrants - I've been one for 21 years.

    My point being that the OP highlighted just a small part of the abuse of such an opportunity in the UK. On the upside of foreign students who study at British Universities, they pay considerably more in tuition fees than UK Citizens and of course they add a whole new dimension to debates (assuming their English is up to it).

    If you feel that the abuses of our social security policies, national security, cultural threats through radical islam and the growth in gangs operating outside of the law - perpetrated by certain sections of legal and illegal immigrants sit well with you, then so be it!

    Of course this is a contentious issue. However, we are all entitled to an opinion and you put yours over so eloquently!
  14. Taloolah - I know this one. He plays left back for Scunthorpe, doesn't he?

    Last time I was back was way back in 2005 to visit friends and family.

    Didn't see much first hand as I didn't have course to visit the enclaves of Asians and the like (though growing up in Warickshire on the outskirts of Brimingham in the '70s and 80s, I drove through some of them when shopping in town) and of course the regular race riots documented the growth of such, dare I say 'no go' areas - parallel communities is the term currently used by the PC brigade!

    During my last stay, I did stay with a friend who is a Barrister who lives in Brixton and took a walk down Brick Lane - an excellent area to observe and document successive waves of immigration to the UK beginning with the Huguenots (a group to which our family tree on my Mother's side has been traced back to).

    Indeed, the UK has been populated by nothing but successive waves of immigrants From the Norman invasion in 1066, back through the Vilking invasions, the Anglo, Saxon and Jutes who filled the vacum after the Romans de-camped and the original immigrants from the Basque region (if DNA testing is to be believed).

    So whilst I may feel angry at having to watch gangs of islamists heckling returning soldiers marching through the streets of the UK to a heroes welcome and listen to the diatribe of hate spewed by the immans, it looks like its too late to turn back the tide.
    Radical Islam in Britain - YouTube
  15. Cheers. Do they pay well with good bennies?
  16. Typical u turn camoron.
  17. ^Right. He's seen the writing on the wall for his place at the trough...

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