foreign ships on my river

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by TheLimpDutchess, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Who are they? Why are they here? What do they want? Are they carrying foreign diseases? Do they have passports? Will they ship their aged relatives into Byker and jump the housing queue? Who designed their Gilbert and Sullivan uniforms? Do we have aircraft carriers shadowing them? Why are there six 'trawlers' parked off of the mouth of the Tyne with no nets on deck? Do they have submarines under the river? Are they here for the fishing? Is it a naval flash-mob?

    And who gave them permission to park on my fucking river?
  2. Well it wasn't fuckin me before you start slinging shit, I get my fish from Asda and I don't ask where they get it from.
    It's fuck all to do with me.
  3. You mean you have no directive for us.
    How will we know if we transgress.
  4. Morrisons pisses all over Asda when it comes to fresh fish. And statistically Morrisons sell less defrosted fish as 'fresh' than any other UK supermarket. They are ace on fresh veg in all, according to the bird, who eats the stuff.

    I am glad you had nothing to do with filling my river with foreign warships. But somebody did.

    Didn't you?

    Please step forward now and let's not have a fuss, yes?
  5. You have money? Well well. Yeah. I'll have my money off vouchers. Thanks. Cash will do nicely. Who is going to pay your bus fare to the car park where you can hand me my cash? Your Mum?

    Or are we on dodgy ground when it comes to the subject of your Mum, car parks and cash?

    I tend not to do boring son. But I feel I may have done your Mum. In a car park. For cash.

    Pip Pip.
  6. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    You're mildly amusing, but why do you not visit more often?
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  7. Thank you. One tries. And I really am sort of interested why a raft of foreign warships are moored on the River Tyne today. I could ask around but I am not that interested and I thought someone on here might know.

    Dunno. I cant think. I am astonished you do not welcome more new people.

    Ah. Right. Good.
  8. Yer Tiz courtesy of the Deputy Harbourmaster for River Tyne.
    gaudacious belgium. Fulda. German, Karmory Norweigan. Willenstad Estonian plus a couple of others.
    They are part of the Mine Countermeasures Group and have called into the delightful RiverTyne to savour the delights of the fair town.
    Cannot for the life of me understand why with such an advatar, you were not personally informed of the squadrons visit
  9. I think Bob’s drip was that the debate on CA posts degenerated into bollocks, this is in DL, which as I understood it is the place for talking bollocks.
  10. Perhaps the authority on Sweeping/ mine countermeasures, Naval Gazer will be able to explain why no RN vessels were part of the force

  11. All out the gulf looking at sandy sea beds.
  12. ...and a warm if belated welcome to TID of Prepare to repel boarders

    (Strange chappie - 'Iron' among the brown jobbies but 'Limp' for his brief appearance here...)
  13. I think Wits must be on blob this month. Every post turns into a fucking rant.

    Are you all right old bean?, do you wish to talk?
  14. TID is Finks and I claim my 5 euros!
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    He'll be watching Boardwalk at the moment Wrecks, but no doubt will be along directly for some councelling
  16. Did you trap on the Belgium ship or did you go Dutch. Hope you enjoyed yourself

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