Foreign Drivers Get away with Speeding Fines

In france the frog police will fine you on the spot! They will even takeyou to the nearest cashpoint to get the money, not got enough money, then we will impound your car until you have got enough.
Still does not stop the dedicated speeders though.
I wonder what will change on 1st of April?
Will a speed camera be able to stop and fine a foreign registered vehicle? Perhaps a fine imposed by one member state, with all their differing points systems etc (in Spain you are given 12 points and they get taken away if you are naughty; plus you get an extra 3 if you are a good boy for three years). But, you don't get your licence taken away for drinking and driving, unless you have been VERY naughty.
Given that few police forces know the requirements in other member states. The whole things is a little pear shaped at the moment. Which must cause those Brits with no MOT or TAX and who have been living in Spain for years reason for a bit of relief....
Until of course they have a prang!
All these problems will go away in April 2009 or so we are informed.The licencing agencies on the continent will be asked to supply details of the offending vehicle so it sounds as though they will not be compelled to comply.Assuming for now that they will oblige will Pedro,Gunter or whoever feel obliged to pay the resulting fine or will the summons get the finger.Will the miscreant actually own up to being the driver or will they play the system for months incurring costs way beyond the fine to be collected making the enterprise wholely a waste of resources.You would expect all this has been thought of but past experience shows all they really want is the cash and care not how much admin it takes to get it.
That should keep a nice little army of eurocrats employed for a very long time... :toilet:
It has little or no chance of success so will probably be put at the top of an important agenda :tp:
Not something I intend to trouble my little head too much with...
fishhead said:
.............asked ..............................
Whilst the Continental polizei will be demand Brit details, and our celbrated and honorable authorities will fall over themselves in a hurry to supply it !!

Sauce, gander and goose doesn't seem to apply where UK drivers are concerned.
If it is attempted it'll fall at the first legal hurdle.
What constitutes an 'offence' differs from country to country eg: the leeway allowed before a speeding ticket is issued; low in some countries, higher in others.
In addition each state will need to supply the request in the language of the receiving country, a country which may have very tough laws regarding privacy.
I thought the UK had pretty swept up Vehicle Identification Number software built in to cameras the length and breadth of the UK - it's how Plod et al track criminal and terrorist suspects - why not make it pay for itself as well.

There are only so many entry and exit points in the UK for vehicles - pick the biggest (Dover, Chunnel, Portsmouth, Hull, Plymouth etc for example and let the computers talk to each other.

When a "tagged" vehicle passes by about to board the ferry or train and escape UK justice - slap an on-the-spot fixed penalty on them - a la French system.

IIRC Les Flics even have electronic card-swipe machines so they can collect the fines off credit cards (don't know about our chaps - probably still working with carbon paper)!

Add a bit of judicial discretion into the mixing pot ie "Pay now - Dispute later" if so inclined (but stand by for extra costs if appeal doesn't succeed).

The only downside is that it would not create even more bureaucrat jobs for the boys because it would only need a couple of Traffic Wardens with a swipe card machine at each port - say 100 in total including shift change, holiday, days off etc!

Johnny Foreigner could pay for that lot in a pair of hours probably!

I'm wasted in my current job - isn't there a Think Tank somewhere I could head up and get paid an insane amount of money for?
To be honest I reckon it should be a case of 'physician heal thyself'...
It seems the 70 limit is regarded as purely optional by the locals, many of whom exceed that by a wide margin. The M40, a road I drive a lot on in my Spanish registered car, is the fastest road I have ever driven on.
I generally regard 120kph as my 70mph limit (in fact 7kph over) and am overtaken by just about everybody except HGVs and old ducks in Nissan Micras.
In Spain the majority of vehicles would be keeping, more or less, to the 120kph limit, and on virtually clear roads out of town. In the UK it seems it is the minority that keep to the limit, the exact reverse.
Perhaps it is the shear frustration of driving in a crowded island that causes this. It seems to have had an effect on a certain Czech truck driver!
Horses for courses I suppose and very difficult to enforce EU wide.
Its not the standard of driving this tread is about, the fact is that foreign drivers do not pay the speeding tickets.
In my local town Stamford, there is a weight limit on the town bridge. The local paper ran an story a while back, all the british lorry drivers who broke the law were stopped and fined. The police were asked about the foriegn ones, the answer was it is too difficult to sort out. Therefore the only lorry driver who drive through the narrow streets and over the town bridge are foreigners.
Yes you are quite right and I diverged a bit.
If this change in the law means that on the spot fines can be issued then it'll do the trick, but only in that case.
If it means tracking a driver to another country I fear it is doomed to failure.
Like Sussex I drive a Spanish car on a Spanish Driving Licence regularly in the UK. so if you are to have on the spot fines you will have to change your system of law i.e innocent until proved guilty and that is not liable to happen.

Long may it last.

Ah yes, the pure joy of driving in the UK, so long as one is in their Spanish plated car! And Sussex, what road over here have you seen them all sticking to 120? Not the N340 down south, that`s for sure! I'm constantly being overtaken at 120! Still got all my 12 (Spanish) points though. But if I'm naughty in the UK and get GIVEN points, will I end up with more!?!
Sussex2 and Nutty appear to be under the impression that the speed cameras are an attempt to moderate speeds on UK roads.They are as most UK residents acknowlege a cash cow to supplement Government and Police coffers.The innocent until proven guilty idea went out the window when they were introduced as you are now obliged to incriminate yourself or the driver if your car is caught speeding.This is why foreigners or Brits in foreign plated cars have been getting away with it as it was too much trouble for little return.
Ah yes, the pure joy of driving in the UK, so long as one is in their Spanish plated car! And Sussex, what road over here have you seen them all sticking to 120? Not the N340 down south, that`s for sure! I'm constantly being overtaken at 120! Still got all my 12 (Spanish) points though. But if I'm naughty in the UK and get GIVEN points, will I end up with more!?!

You are priviliged to be able to travel so fast...
In greater Barcelona the max speed is 80kph, and there are dozens of radar traps; those that haven't been vandalised or set on fire! This limit applies to even the multilane ring roads.
You have to get 30kms from the city to even catch a glimpse of a 120kph road.
I hope you keep your twelve points a long time. Be a really good boy and you'll get another three for good behaviour in a while. At least the Spanish authorities have some sense of fair play.
ps None of the above speed limits apply to Portuguese registered vehicles. That you have to take as a given :thumright:
We have just the one speed trap (there are obviously others around, but in all Andalucia, only about 9 fixed) on the way out of Malaga. But the Green Meanies have shed loads of check points, but then we have a big drug and illegal immgration problem down here. Doing 150 on the bike this afternoon!


Lantern Swinger
Changed my Spanish licence for a Hungarian one. With about 44 letters to the alphabet and related linguistically to nothing else on earth, I think I'm on a winner in the rest of Europe. [Mind you, zero % tolerance with regards to alcohol and driving in Hungary which I'm not against]

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