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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by babystew, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. anyone remember the movies up for'd. cartoons first, directed by fred quimby, the joyus shouts of good old fred, fcuk fred, after you with fred.
    the epics like " where the river bends " starring virginia lake and george raft.
  2. Not sure if you mean the F/E of a ' boat ' but fore-ends must be that . Yep remember well that high-light of the submarine social diary when all off watch gathered with fags and cups of kye or other nine-o-clockers to watch an often very re-run movie . This happened when the movie change was missed or on a long trip when repeats were neccessary.
    Some movies were seen so many times sound could be turned off and the words provided by the audience . One I recall in particular , The Crimson Pirate I believe it was . But yeah , the " good old Fred " brings back many mems of movie nights , anywhere where Jack was at the movies in a service situation . Good , sometimes not so clean, fun , when Jacks' comments were more entertaining than the film.
  3. So thats what we used to do before they invented personal DVD players. Seriously though - the availability of modern technology (DSs, Laptops, DVD Players, etc) has killed off many of the real social at sea aspects of life in the RN. Nothing like a good movie night.

  4. "JC good egg" was played every day at sea ,but was a part3 never seen it
  5. Films on board before the video was invented----memories!!

    Road runner cartoons and Sylvester the cat and of course good old Fred

    Tiffs mess on a 'P' boat the screen was a clean white gash bag stuck on the mess door and the projector on the mess table!

    Happy days

    :nemo: :nemo:
  6. Happy Days, rememember them well and the epics like Anna Neagle and Henry Cotton in "Make and Mend", and George Raft in "Floating Timber"and last but not least ,Anna Neagle and Walter Pidgeon in "Flying down to Rio".
  7. The good old days. Watched Danny Kay in "The Court Jester " send him up North way up North ( Faslane ) brilliant
    Taciturn 1957 :nemo:
  8. The comments were often better than the movies: we had an old 50's British romance, with all the actors speaking in Angela Rippon BBC English voices. As the hero and heroine embraced, a voice from the darkness said "You want to avoid that like the plague, mate - she's been down the stoker's mess all weekend." Classic Jack !!
  9. What about the love scene in "From here to Eternity" raw sex in those days bloody fantastic, and John Mills who never served in the mob in his life :nemo:
  10. The cries of Anamorphic as the movie started and the picture didnt fit. 'Caberet' for the ffteenth time. Happy days.
    Got escorted off the Brittannia trying to swop movies but got oil all over the nice polished deckoff my steaming bats.
  11. What about the Movie Marathons when on trot at the weekend. The more boats on the trot the longer the marathon. Some of the comments were funnier than the movie (which usually wasn't very hard)
  12. Good Old Fred!!! could never be rivalled.The classic on the boat was Burt Reynolds when most of us took to growing a tash.
  13. Also remember attaching a phalic symbol to the screen for much enjoyment during a gash movie

  14. Or showing the last reel first

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