Forces Yacht Chartering


I'm a member of the RLC Yacht Club.

As such I am able to charter the club's yachts at a fraction of the cost of a civilian charter. Although Flamingo Yacht Charters on the Clyde can always be relied on for a substantial forces discount and have a fair few 8 berthers for hire. PM me for "direct to the man who matters" contact details.

What I am wondering is whether this would be an appropriate place to gather a comprehensive list of all forces clubs and friendly-civilian charterers for yotties like myself and (I hope) all the others registered on this site?

Any comments or weblinks from anyone?

MODs if this should be elsewhere on the site and/or in a Forum of its own feel free to move.


If you are down south and have Day Skipper, CWD and STN hire their yachts for little or nothing on a daily, weekend or weekly rate

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I don't see a problem with this thread. I'll leave it here, maybe later on an option for an 'activities/social forum maybe put in and if so I'll place it there.

Good post though :wink:
Just deleted my little rant about the operations of the inf sailing association. I had a couple of complaints about their treatment of my unit when trying to get a couple of sailing AT trips going. I guess that changes with personalities and hope it's better now.

Te main point of my post is that a comprehensive list would be very useful to many abacus and while sailing is obviously not just RN, it does seem an appropriate place.
I did have a 'weight in gold' pad of bosuns / OCs / numbers for a lot of Regt & Corps yachts. Chances of finding it now are about zero unfortunately.


Jenny_Wren said:
If you are down south and have Day Skipper, CWD and STN hire their yachts for little or nothing on a daily, weekend or weekly rate
Please can you elaborate for a newbie


andym said:
Any one know where i can buy a 2nd Hand Bosun dinghy from?
Try the Staff Officer at HMS CALLIOPE in Gateshead. They have about half a dozen of them that haven't had their a**es wet for years.

He may offload one to put some funds in the kitty!

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