Forces Sauces - Corporal Ketchup and Brigadier Brown - at Tesco

Some new sauces are being stocked by Tesco - Corporal Ketchup and Brigadier Brown.

The company has been established by Bob Barrett, who used to be in the Guards. After being diagnosed with cancer, he turned to the charity Stoll for assistance. While recuperating at Stoll's building near Stamford Bridge, he noticed passing Chelsea fans and wondered whether he could sell them anything en route to the match and use the proceeds to benefit the charity which had helped him so much. You can read more about Bob and how things unfolded on the Forces Sauces website.

A portion of the money from sales of the sauces goes to the Royal British Legion and to Stoll. The bottles are on the shelf at Tesco and can also be bought online:

The English Provender Co.|The English Provender Co.Search

I know that some people prefer to have their favourite sauce, but, if you see Bob's sauces on the shelf at your nearest Tesco, why not give them a try? I'm going to look out for them this weekend.

Forces Sauces - Serve with Pride

More about the Stoll Foundation, if you would like to read about it:


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