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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by PinkMafiosi, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on the site. My experience has been that it's rather 'buggy' and response to 'Contact Us' is non-existent. I recognise it's significance and popularity - nearly half a million members makes it so, but I feel there is room for improvement.
  2. I agree. Whilst it's intentions are well meant, it still requires an annual fee which IMO is archaic and small minded given that other similar sites are now free, or operate a voluntary system of contributions. In additio to this, I made the conscious decision to leave the site after a spate of racisit and white supremacist threads and posts which I felt had the effect of portraying the armed forces in an extremely poor light. I hasten to add that the threads were locked once I reported them. I often wonder what would have happened to those threads and the people making the posts if I hadn't reported them.

    I also can't contact them to 'unsubscribe'...the facility just doesn't seem to exist. :evil:
  3. 'Ere! You're not one of the forces reunited staff are you? I've just this minute had an email from them!! I shit you not!!
  4. Big brother is watching you 8O
  5. or emailing in this case :D 8O but I was a member and found it very hard to use.

    Eidted due special moment on the keyboard
  6. Rest assured, I am not some F-R sneaky beaky 8) but yes - not easy to use, a chargeable fee is odd (although I coughed up) and I'm still awaiting some sort of response...hint, hint
  7. They keep E-mailing me evey week to rejoin, carnt be botherd, fcuk em
  8. I found half a dozen old mates on Forces Reunited... used their contact/send message to a friend facility, one got back to me. Having said that, people do change their email addresses and who knows how long ago that was. It's either that or I was such a [email protected] that none of the fcukers want to know me now !
  9. some folk dont want to have anything to do with the forces after they leave......
    Love the Forces - hate the MOD
  10. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I keep getting reminder E mails, about 6 so far. Can't make up my mind, so obviously I'm not that bothered.
  11. I personally think it's 'lost it's touch'. It used to be a free site but now they are charging. Why bother using something like that, when there are other sites that a free :wink:

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