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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by McGrew, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. I have previously enjoyed the use of one of these valuable perks of being a serviceman. You can get one when you are mobilised since they are limited to those that are full time in the armed forces (ie not reservists). Mind you it's a bit difficult to get the advantage if you are mobilised outside of the UK.
    Now this got me thinking.
    Has anybody ever questionned this as to challenge whether they may be or could be made available to reservists? I am not certain as to why they even became available in the first place although it may be because the AF spend so much at full price business travel on the railways that this was a negotiatied concession that was arranged on the back of the spend. I wonder if anybody might know the history of this? It might be relevant since of course the RNR also spends a significant part of the travel budget on railway travel.
    Notwithstanding it would be a fantastic concesssion if it did have a wider availability to reservists - I hope that if the powers to be who undoubtedly scan this forum might consider this, what a great piece of additional recognition.
    I suspect that there will be responses along the lines of that it is not deserved, full time RN only, the RNR get paid enough in their civvie jobs to pay full price etc. etc. Since I have now mentioned this then that will save you the bother.

    HM Forces Railcard
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  2. tiddlyoggy

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    I don't know for certain, but I would imagine that the HM Forces railcard is a concession granted by Rail Companies rather than something that is subsidised by MOD. However, if the latter is the case then I can't imagine pusser granting wider availablity at a time when travel warrants and costs are being cut throughout the MOD.
  3. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Yes the question has been asked and the answer is no. That is highly unlikely to change anytime soon.

    Get one if mobilised, but don't forget to hand it in on your last day!
  4. The Forces railcard is specifically not to be used for duty travel - it is for "personal" use only.
  5. Although your wife and kids qualify for one whilst you're away.
  6. So the one that I got for the missus as part of my leaving routine was illegal. Sh1t!

  7. Don't be too sad,

    we in the RFA ain't entitled to them ... period, though we were told we might - might get this concession in the future. I'm not holding my breath.
  8. Wy should reservists even be entitled? Its not like reservists travel 300 miles to their centre.

    As for the hillbillies, I'm sure the tax they save on deployment more than makes up for the lack of a railcard.

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  9. Oh yes :bootyshake:
  10. I know one who travels from Guernsey, and another who travels from the US.
  11. -----------------------------------------------------


    As far as I can recall regular HM forces were issued with three free rail warrants per year, non-transferable & usually used for main leave periods. Besides that there was a Forces concession whereby tickets could be purchased at something like 7/9ths of the cost on production of one's paybook (pre-ID Card era). Rail travel then being the monopoly of pre-nationalised BR. This concession was replaced with the introduction of Railcards, the Forces ones offering a similar discount.

    Since the privatisation of the railways railcards have multiplied like the proverbial rabbits. I don't know whether reservists ever received any concessions but there are probably Railcard Collectors websites where the nerds could give you chapter and verse of the detailed history and bore you to death with this interesting subject. That is if you are not asleep already. :wink:
  12. FlagWagger

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    However, since the rail links to the UK from both locations are a little bit under-developed at the moment, there's little benefit in applying for a rail discount card :)
  13. Judging from some of the posts of a few on here, there's some come from outer friggin space.:-D
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  14. Has anyone had any dramas using their Raicard to travel from home to duty? I have been driving / flying but with a railcard could save me a few quid.
  15. HM Forces Railcards are specifically NOT for duty travel - personal trips only. If you use them for duty purposes you risk having the card withdrawn. It's all in the T&Cs which you signed when you got the card. Suggest you read them!
  16. HM Forces Railcard

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