Forces Network News: "Will It Race? Royal Navy Engineers Inspire Young Talent"


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"Royal Navy engineers have been judging a national competition aimed at inspiring future talent.

Nearly 200,000 Year 7 pupils have taken part to 'Race For The Line', a challenge to build rocket-powered mini cars.

The students, aged 11 to 12, were given a blue Styrofoam block to shape and sand, trying to develop the most aerodynamic rocket car possible.

Before the final test, they had to choose between wooden and acrylic wheels and added axels (sic) to their cars.

The foam cars are propelled by rockets attached at the back of each, at speeds approaching 80mph.

'Race For The Line' aims to inspire and engage pupils with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, as well as raise awareness of the opportunities and careers available to them.

Commander Craig Wood, who took part in the event, said:

"The sooner that we can connect the youth with these concepts and engineering in general, then perhaps we break down that barrier that engineering it's just mathematics and quite boring.​
They get to see that, of course, this is about aerodynamics, high-end aircraft, high-end warships."

The regional final is scheduled to take place in Portsmouth on 26 April before the National finals at RAF Wittering in June."
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