Forces Network: "Killer Whales Could Make Things Orca-ward For Military Exercise"


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"A pod of Orcas have appeared in the Firth of Clyde - creating potential difficulties for Exercise Joint Warrior which began there on Saturday.

The Orcas were spotted near the Faslane Naval base forcing Coastguards to issue warnings to any vessels that may be in the area - including the nuclear fleet.

Ferry passengers caught the unusual visitors on video, and there are believed to be at least six fully-grown Orcas and a calf in the area.

More than 11,000 military personnel are currently in Scotland, taking part in Europe’s biggest military exercise known as Exercise Joint Warrior.

Warnings have reportedly been issued to Faslane Naval base, with the suggestion that underwater noise might distress the animals.

Speaking to the Scotland Herald, David Nairn of Clyde Porpoise Marine Mammal Project said:

“The naval exercise means there is a lot of shipping and underwater noise that could be a problem.

They don’t want any harm to come to them, so there is a procedure whereby Faslane will be in touch with the fleet to alert them of the pod’s presence.”

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