Forces Narrowboat question

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by shoots, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi, anyone know any contact info regarding the armed forces narrowboat that is for hire.

    i know the services have one but cant find and info.


  2. Take a hand held GPS to simplify the navigation.
  3. Yeh, I was going to have a holiday on a canal boat but I can't navigate, and I was worried we might get pestered by naval tailors if we stopped in port.
    Not only that I'm haunted by the thought of f*ckin peanut comming and nickin my suit. 8O :D
  4. That sentence make you very old, unless he is stilll there, in which case he must be bloody ancient.
  5. I sir am a mere 59 years young. :D
    Peanut as far as I know is over the bar ,......but the firm is still going according to google.
    I never did pay him the $3.00 for my No1's in 73 although that year he canned me for the money I owed him from 69.
    He got a memory like a friggin computer :D
  6. Juniors these days! :roll: Fetch your milk ration, Rumrat, and a sticky bun.
  7. Now that's spooky,
    I have just returned from the town where I had precisely that.

    The bun stops me dribbling. :oops: 8O :D
  8. cheers all thats cool, i have the number for the LAF now so can sort it out.


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