Forces ID as proof of age

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by The_Frank, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Currently all major Supermarkets, and major shopping chains are asking for ID for the purchase of alcohol and other age limited products, for anyone who looks under 25.

    Most places will accept forces ID as proof of my age, however, certain Supermarket chains (the big three) do not accept this.

    Normally I would have all sorts of ID on me, but for once I only had my mugshot on my forces ID and a crisp £10 on me to purchase some smokes.

    Tesco lady asks politly for proof of age......
    I show her forces ID......
    reply comes back. "Oh we dont take those!!"

    Slight moment of rage due to nicotine deprivation, and lack of sleep, I stormed off to local Qwickie Mart for said smokes, who serve me.

    Im no rouge, I am a father and have served for 7 years now, yet my forces ID is not good enough for a major supermarket chain.

    Am I the only person this has happened to, or am i one of many unlucky souls?
  2. This subject has also been dealt with on Arrse. Several members of HMF have had a similar experience, which is largely due do igorance by the staff of the supermarkets involved or acting on orders to accept only driving licences and passports. A solution is not in sight.
  3. nope, but its not on they dont take it but i can understand because if they can get a hefty find for not asking for the correct ID but i do feel your anger towards it but its odd that banks will let you use it as proof of ID to get access to your account.
  4. It is because by law trading standards stipulate that only certain forms of ID are acceptable proof of age. The big supermarkets are not willing to lose their license to sell these products by going against this, the little shops know that they are less likely to be checked out, so are more lenient. Also, members of staff are only trained in certain forms of ID, so when presented a new form of ID ie. military, they have no idea if it is real or fake; they have probably never seen one before! And yes people would fake them. It seems that rather than complaining to the supermarkets, the big wigs behind the 'think 21' campaign need to include military ID as an acceptable form of ID, and train staff accordingly. I agree though it is crazy, and hopefully they will start to accept it!
  5. Its think 25 now!! Its bizarre how the Co-op, and other slightly smaller chains accept it, but the big three will not, bear in mind i live in a forces city.

    Was there not a case recently of forces ID being refused in a Wetherspoons?
  6. I had a friend who was refused alcohol by one of the big supermarkets based on the same thing - they wouldn't accept his forces ID. So he gave the booze to his girlfriend who had her drivers' licence on her, and they still wouldn't sell the booze as they said she would probably give it to her boyfriend whose age couldn't be proved.

    He was clearly in his late 40's. Pot belly. Going bald. Certainly not under 18.

    The supermarket mong had glasses so thick a normal man could see the hubble telescope through them. Employ a braindead mong, get a braindead response.
  7. As Crabman says, all the pros and cons have been addressed on ARRSE ad infinitum:

    I tend to agree with this example:

    (Edited to add quotation.)
  8. Think 25, haha! So if you look up to 7 years older than you have to, you still get ID'd, thats nutty! It'll be think 90 in a few years. But yeah, I think living in a forces city can make a difference, lots of the shops/pubs round here offer military discounts when as a chain they do not normally; perhaps there are better provisions and more understanding. The bigger chains just know they have more to lose if they are caught out, smaller ones probably just do not feel as though they are likely to be checked out, or perhaps are not as hot on training. There have been quite a few cases of being refused in pubs etc, but again they are part of 'think 25' so it is really that law that needs updating.

    Also, I suppose they assume that if you are in the military, you have a passport or some other form of ID?

    EDIT: all of the points on the above post make a lot of sense too, especially regarding entry into pubs and clubs.
  9. The wonderful thing is, if we were in the states we would all be treated better than scum by club bouncers and bar staff, and respected by the general public, able to jump queues, given access all areas etc

    Over here, a government document, our ID, is not even enough to buy smokes or a drink, or even gain entry to some bars and clubs.

    Im not asking for what the US do for their service personel, just for my ID to be accepted, and maybe a cheap beer, on one or two days of the year.

    I think I have been in only a handful of Bars, shops, eateries (miles from military towns/cities) that do treat forces with respect and gratitude.
  10. The states are totally **** when it comes to checking ID. Just been out on business with 4 others, one who is 62, when asked for ID could not produce any, therefore soft drinks all night for him.

    Also on previous dets to the states, would only accept passports or photo driving licences as ID. UK forces ID was not accepted. :(
  11. In that great land of the free? The U.S of A I am always asked for I.D. when buying a bottle of wine.
    Only a driving licence is accepted (though they may accept a military I.D. I've no idea) passports are not recognised as a sufficient.
    Even acursory glance at me would tell that I was over 40 let alone 25 and yet it happens.
    My advice would be not to use those shops that will not serve you. If everyone did that in a military town things may change.
    Let purchaser power rule :twisted:
  12. Last month, went for a drink in the paragon of Pompey nightlife, Guildhall Walk. I was id'd on every door. I'm 41, overweight, and have a grey beard and tache.... the reason given was "we have to know who we've got in, it's duty of care". I asked the doormen to name me five customers. He couldn't, so that argument was blown out of the water. he then went for the "it's the law" argument. I asked under which of the Licensing Acts that a requirement to carry a valid passport or driving license is a codicil. It's not the law, just common sense not being applied.
  13. I have found whilst in the US that production of forces ID got me to the front of queues, free drinks, free entry a 'HERO' card which gave me access to things civvys cant access normally.

    As well as a hoard of people talking to me, buying drinks etc.
  14. Ditto - I was in San Diego and my RN ID got me everywhere quicker cheaper and with loads of well-wishing (when I had to show ID which was not that often - certainly not required when ordering drinks in bars and restaurants though I am a bit crusty now)
  15. Enquire before you buy and if they won't accept go elsewhere and let them know why you are going.
  16. If I did that I have a feeling I will be walking out of alot of places. I also have noticed if i use my forces ID for nightclub entry, as the only forces man in the group I have no problems, if there are a gaggle of us we are invariably turned away.

    I have never caused a problem whislt drunk (im a lover not a fighter) and have been a regular at alot of these clubs since they opened.

    So im welcome, but my friends are undesirables???

    Looking at and unfortunatly knowing some of the reprobates where I live, I would have thought some well dressed servicemen/women who actually have money in their pockets not Class A drugs would be more welcome, and in fact encouraged with offers, much like students, especially as we generally have some dollar in our pockets, unlike students more than a month after freshers week who often have £5 to their name.
  17. Currently working for one of the big 3, no we don't accept it. I understand the frustration and if it was down to me, I'd accept it- unfortunately it's not. Why accept the likes of a citizenship card that can just as easily be forged as a photo drivers licence these days? We get tested on it, where the authorities send people in and attempt to purchase alcohol using military ID, just the same as a test purchase. I can protest all i like it about it, but it's the law and so JS won't change it! I tried.
  18. it is probably harder to get a HMF ID card than a bloody passport or a driving license..

    a certain chain of pubs (weatherspoon) in fareham never used to take it either..

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