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Sorry if this has already been mentioned somewhere else but it is important.

Military Hospitals or lack of them

> This a very good cause...
> If you have one to two minutes and agree with this could you please
> sign the petition at the link below? For every death you hear about
> in Iraq or Afghanistan there are countless more casualties that never
> get reported on the news. The current situation sees injured soldiers
> being brought back to the UK and put in random hospitals, often away
> from where their friends and family live. These soldiers, who are
> often on their own, are put in wards with normal civilian patients who
> have no concept of the environment these individuals have just been
> extracted from. There have also been a number of cases of these
> injured soldiers then being verbally abused by Islamic civilian
> patients when they realise they have just returned from Iraq/ Afghanistan.
> This petition is asking for the government to bring back dedicated
> Military Hospitals in the UK so that injured soldiers can be cared for
> in a safe and dignified environment with staff and fellow patients who
> understand the situation that they have just returned from.
> Please take one or two minutes to fill out the Downing Street Petition
> on behalf of our injured soldiers bearing in mind we all know what the
> damage of war can do. Our comrades are returning from Iraq &
> Afghanistan with horrific injuries to a health care situation that is
> a joke.
> With our troops being deployed in greater numbers we must go back to
> the dedicated care that they fully deserve - so please lend your
> support to the petition to the Prime Minister on the Downing Street
> Petition Web Site.
> The petition is:
> "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring back
> dedicated Military Hospitals to provide adequate facilities (non NHS)
> for members of the Armed Forces who are injured or disabled in the
> course of their duties."
> Please visit before the close on 6th August 2007.
> If you do sign you will receive an email from No 10 with a link to
> confirm your signature.
I beleive yesterday some MP's toured Selly Oak Forces Unit on a "fact finding" mission.I cant find any refs to the upshot of thier visit,except i remember hearing one gobbing off about not going back to a Dedicated military hospital!

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