Forces help to buy.



Does anyone know if I’ve already had and paid back LSAP, can I apply for ‘help to buy’ too? And If I leave the Mob few years down the line, does the help to buy money cross over to government loan? Thanks.
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I would like to know this too, I too am looking at going along that route to help pay for a house and it'd be helpful to know how much comes out of the pay per month to repay the loan and what happens if and when I leave later on down the line with an amount still owed.


You can get FHTB even if you still have a bit of LSAP left to pay, they just add that to the FHTB amount up to the limit.

When you get out there are a few things that can happen:
  • Pay off remaining amount through final year
  • Elect to pay remainder with final payout (resettlement grant, pension etc)
  • Create a crown debt
All of the options must be discussed between the FHTB team and yourself.