Forces fixed rate of Interest?

Discussion in 'UPO' started by Leon81, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. can anyone help me where i go to get this?

    Ive asked my UPO but ive about as much chance of getting FIFA to sort a replay for theIrish with France

    i want to know the following...the rate for US dollars from feb-june 2009, rate of oman riyals march 2009

    cheers guys would be made up in anyone could help me
  2. cheers for this.

    however as thats a normal exchange rate site im unsure if the forces rates will be exactly the same?

    i dont want to start claiming 1p more otherwise ill be in front of the skipper for JPA fraud!

    working out my claim on them rates and its only £40 anyway....expected so much more! ha ha
  3. Just tell him a man from the internet told you it was OK. Worked everytime I got trooped!
  4. The various FFR and GAR exchange rates are sent out by signal every month. You could try and ask a commcen if they can retrieve the signals for you but you'd be lucky to get anything older than 6 months. You may be able to find this information with a search on the Defence Intranet - It will be there but may be difficult to find, the Intranet search facility is pretty pump!

    It's been a while since I've submitted a claim on JPA for foreign currency but if I remember you input the amount in the foreign currency then select the currency from a drop down menu. JPA then converts it to sterling, I would assume that this would be calculated using the appropriate FFR for the date of the occurence.

    If you paid for something abroad on a credit card you can claim for the difference between what the card charged you in sterling and what JPA calculates it as with a separate line using the appropriate expense from the drop down menu.
  5. All you have to do is submit your claim on JPA using the correct dates - JPA holds the correct exchange rates for the dates involved - ie if you submit a claim with a date of Mar 2009 JPA will automatically calculate the correct exchange rate based on the rates it has for that date. Failing that any decent UPO should hold the last 12 months worth of exchange rate signals.

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