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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Stepto, May 30, 2009.

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  1. Just had a look and couldn't find a thread where people can add any discounts that they have found out about on the high street. In these times I thought it may be useful.

    Halfords-Ask for a trade card. Very good discounts on many items.
    Dominos Pizza-50% off
    Costa Coffee-20% off
    Motorway Services-20% off all the shops in the one I was at yesterday!

    Any others?

    Kind regards,
  2. most hiking shops like blacks and millets etc offer a discount havnt a clue what percentage they offer, but i know they do one
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  4. Forces Discount is a decent site but still can't find many of the day to day things on there, it's mainly certain companies that aren't nationwide.
  5. Sounds like a great idea to list high street retailers etc. that offer discounts to the Armed Forces. Having spent some time in the good old US of A, a lot of retailers advertise discounts at the checkout on production of ID card, including UK Armed Forces.
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  6. hi guys,
    A discount haven't a clue what percentage they offer, but i know they do one.
  7. do you not feel like a plum when they say no at the counter?
  8. You could try feeling your own plums up at the counter, see if it helps the discount situation any 8O
  9. I ask for a discount in most shops and get some really good deals....Don't ask....Don't get
    My son cringes, but I tell him that most of his inheritance relies on me getting a result......he's looking worried now ;-)
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  10. At one time it used to be how much for cash!
  11. :?

    I know really, but thought I'd ask as we all know what assumption is.
  12. My local Dominoes don't do the deal unfortunately. :(
  13. What's the deal at Costa, just show ID?

    Tresspass (spell) do 10%.
  14. Its a shame when most high street stores offer student discounts but dont offer military discounts.
  15. Yeah, it takes the piss that.
  16. Which company was this? I travel a lot and would certainly prefer to stop at services which have this offer.

    Granada which became MOTO a few years ago gave 20% off everything except cigarettes and fuel, including in the forecourt shop.

    Recently they've turned me down in the shop so I contacted their head office and was told that the 20% discount now only applies to catering outlets on their service areas.

    When I asked in the M&S Food Shop in Exeter Services a few months ago I was told that it was a franchise and the staff there don't get a discount but have to give discount to M&S staff!!

    It's always worth asking though, wherever you go, you may get something knocked off. Got into Madame Tussauds for free with the wife a few years ago, more recently got discount in the York dungeon which was only worth about 20p compared to the price of a family ticket!
  17. More discounts

    Apple Store - 8% (excluding IPAD and I-Phone)
    Millets - 10%
  18. theres also this one

    Untitled document

    Only used it a few times, but the card has paid for it self
  19. Does anyone know of a good discount on mobile phone contract?
  20. With Apple the discount amount depends on the product. (Up to 8%) As forces/ex forces you get the same discount as students, teachers and every other MF who can get money off! Still, the discount on a Mac Book Pro = the price of the extended warranty! Anything off is a bonus.

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