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i have come to the conclusion that our dentists must have some sort of task book that they must complete. removing teeth and adding fillings etc when a civvi one says your teeth are ok. whats that all about?
plus.. why is it that the injections they give you numb everywere apart from the bit they're working on.
I've never had a filling.
Come to think of it, I've never had any work done that wasn't needed, always found the dentists to be pleasant and professional, and the Hygienists just the same :)
Actually I should be a bit more honest here.
I have never had any teeth work done, but unfortunately I AM brushing my gums into submission rather rapidly!
All my lovely teeth are going to fall out due to lack of foundation if i'm not careful!
oh, if we're going to honest about everything, then i do actually brush my teeth regulary. just to point that out in case there is anyone that now believes i look like the lead singer from the pogues.
I was checked out by my civvy dentist a week before i joined Ganges, on joining i had seven fillings. Were naval dentists on commision?
bearpit said:
I was checked out by my civvy dentist a week before i joined Ganges, on joining i had seven fillings. Were naval dentists on commision?
Bearpit, the baby naval dentists had to practice on someone! :lol: ...Anyway, if you hadn't been a naughty sailor you wouldn't have been awarded a visit to the dentist as punishment for swearing? ;)

Seriously though, that's rather interesting as the Naval Dental Service published a paper about the shocking state of juniors' teeth at the G Spot ;) Maybe you were one of their data subjects?

LANGAN, LC, Caries experience of fifteen-year-old recruits joining the Royal Navy at HMS Ganges.J R Nav Med Serv. 1969 Winter;55(3):229-31.


Lantern Swinger
Best RN Toothwright I knew was the Surgeon Captain at Empire State building (yes I know, this dates me!). He ran the clinic and also ran the Dental AIB, was a QHP, and looked after the senior guys at the MoD.

Fillings without any anethestic and completely painless! He simply took time (which compared to the NHS boys he had). He reckoned that pain was caused by heat from the drill and as he had time he did not need to gouge into healthy parts of the tooth.

His work was complemented right up to last year when I had my mouth rebuilt here in Singapore and got 28 caps done. And yes, although it was worth it I did it in a week and it was not a pleasant experience.



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Never had a problem ... they all did me OK ..... for instance, I had a crown fitted to one of my front pegs, when I was at Simbang in '69 .. every civy dentist since has comented how good a job was carried out, and I still have it (in me gob that is).


Guys (and girls!) in the Forces constantly drip about Dentos - until they get outside and have to try to find a dentist, then pay for it!
McCloggie said:
Best RN Toothwright I knew was the Surgeon Captain at Empire State building (yes I know, this dates me!).
Yes it does; it was Empress State Building, 4th Floor if I remember rightly.

The Navy (RNH HASLAR) removed my impacted wisdom teeth, for which I remain grateful. The cold of the South Atlantic caused my filling and most of the surrounding tooth to disintigrate and the Sub Lt Dental Surgeon (a good Hand, if you're reading this) in MPA rebuilt it for me the next morning. Not having those bloody injections certainly speeds things up.


War Hero
Nothing but praise for Naval Dentists. I have experienced both and the fang farriers in the Navy win hands down. I had to go to a civvi dentist when doing my recruiting job and it was rushed and expensive. I go to the Naval guy on board and we chat, he does check ups, gives advice and gets the work done. There is no pressure or cost so he can recommend treatment and take his time to get it right.

I found out why they do more work, they work on the risk factor. If a dentist sees you and there is a problem he will try and fix it, no costs to he or you and if your teeth OPDEF at sea it can be a big problem. A civi on NHS will do as little as possible as it costs more or they work on the principle if it needs work you can come back later when it gets worse.

And our Hygienists are nicer, not that I have an appointment you understand ;-)
Had an appointment just after I joined up. Dentist said that I have two teeth side-by-side at the back and to make another appointment and he'll take them out because they may cause a problem later.
Did I make an appointment - did I like hell. Two years later and in Singapore I had another appointment made for me. Just so happend it was the same bleeding dentist. When he looked in my mouth he said... "ha, I remember you, I'll have those out now" and he did.

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