Forced Submarine Service

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Shagtastic, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Evening there all.

    Wonder if anyone out there could help me out - I'm wondering about medical reasons that would *ahem* exempt me from being forced down the boat route, and stay skimmer.

    I'd appreciate any help greatly, either here or via private message - I'm especially fond of any input from current or ex medical ratings.

    Many thanks, Shagtastic.
  2. Shagtastic
    Why fight it, I was a wafu and thoroughly enjoyed the life. After leaving I worked with submariners for some time. They were amongst the best bunch of guys I ever worked and drank with. Why not give it a chance and volunteer.
  3. Well, way back when ours was all volunteer the minute they started drafting in guy's the atmosphere changed...would rather sail with someone who "wants" to be there as opposed to not wanting to be there.

    the only medical exemption that may work is colour blindness, but like I said that was way back when.... :D
  4. Settled in pompey with the missus, and have family in Plymouth so either southern port is great for me. I realise that Plymouth hosts boats too, but don't want to risk getting drafted up to faslane.

    I'm also looking forward to life onboard a ship, and feel I would be much happier there. I know I have little for comparison - but how many young matelots do?
  5. Shaggy you have a PM.
  6. All I will say is most of the scam have been tried, and I haven't seen one since 75. I for example remember a UC who tried to 'be gay' to fail PV and thus evade polaris, did it work NO. The guys that assess these thing get scams every day and will have seen them all before. Equally if you try to scam the system you will almost certainly get drafted where you don't want to be, be a good boy and you may get what you want.
  7. Ah the grass is always greener on the other side..............

    If you signed on the line............

    You should do your time

    What next ????

    "I didn't join up to fight bad guys!"
  8. on another note, when/if i finish training i want to be based at faslane.. (im from newcastle and it's easier to get home for weekends etc) how likely is it that you get to go to your "preferred" location?
  9. Well, that sounds like a good enough reason not to let you anywhere near a boat or anything else to do with the Armed Forces. Forget honesty, go for "medical reasons" to avoid a draft ...... scary...
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Tell them your a seem to fit the bill.
  11. How about just don't sign up for it? You can't be "forced" to be a submariner. Harry is right, honesty is the best policy, don't put in for it, don't sign up for it. Drafty can't Ping you for it unless you joined for submarines in the first place. Stick to your guns. What branch are you anyway?
    Pretending to have a medical problem is a siht excuse and people like you are drain on a branch which is strained looking after ill people who have got things wrong with them!!!

    There's a word for that mate. and here is the definition.

    To pretend to be ill in order to avoid having to work:
    And is he really ill or just malingering?

    Find a mirror and take a good hard look.

  12. Um, you can be drafted any where, pretty much any time.
  13. So if you join as a Stocker (or whatever they are called nowadays) drafty can just ping (pardon the pun) you to go Submariner? Doesn't seem right.
    Pretending you have a medical condition to get out of something is just wrong, wasting time sending people for tests they don't need is a total drain on limited resources. Easier answer would be, if you can't get out of submariners, is go with the flow the Bottle it at SETT. That might not be the answer your looking for Shag but it's just as "brave" as being a Malingerer.
  14. I’m not sure if things have changed with ETs, but it used to be the case where an MEM could be drafted into any MEM billet, SM or not. A non-volunteer had to do a minimum of five years if drafted to submarines. Back in 1987 (when I left Collingwood) they were drafting whole classes of non-volunteers to Dolphin.
  15. G'day stealthemode.

    Thats an easy one mate, you tell them that you are from Guzz and your wife is from the Orkneys, and that draft should put you where you want to serve.


  16. As a very young lad I was drafted to submarines. I did not want to go but accepted the fact. However my DO began to notice that my behaviour changed, I was in the poo all the time and my work began to suffer (unlike most DO's these days he was actually interested in his Division). I didn't do anything deliberately but it was obviously a reaction. He made me go and see the Doc who referred me to the trick-cyclist (which I was not happy about either!). Had a chat with him about nothing in particular and went on my way....couple of days later a signal went out saying I was PMU (permanently Medically Unfit) for service in submarines - temperamently unsuitable. Drafty did not like this one bit so tried to stitch me up by sending me on a COmmando Squadron with all the inherent phys and running around in greens with a shooter......I loved it. Not saying this is a way out but it's what happened to me. I was prepared to go but was assessed as a future one of the earlier posts, you need people who want to be there.
  17. I was like you also in my time and I thought I would actually hate it,but as I lived on the South Coast I actually ended up in Faslane on Bombers(,so couldnt get much further away from home could I ?)
    And I loved it on Boats,
    Any way,
    You've signed on the dotted line mate,so you should have checked the small print before doing so.

    "Tough Shit "is also a phrase that comes to mind
  18. You can't be drafted drafted to submarines as a non volunteer before you are 18, a friend of mine was drafted within a week of his 18th birthday to his horror, however he now loves it and would never consider going skimmer. You never know you might like it?
  19. if you read the contract that you signed youd realise that your a volenteer you skimmer
  20. How tall are you?

    The reason I ask is when I was a baby WEM(O)at COLLINGWOOD lots of us expected to be drafted to boats and many were. I think this had something to do with the UPHOLDER boats coming on line so they needed lots of new skin to train, however, we all know how that panned out! In the end I was drafted to general service but as you can imagine lots of my wingers wanted out of boats, not because they really didn't want to do it, they just wanted some jollies first. Anyway cut a long story short only 1 got out because he was so tall, about 6' 10'', and it was the doc on his medical that insisted he didn't go not him trying to get out of it, still a result for him in the end.

    Having said that those that went to boats have never looked back, a bit stinky and too much money but deep down, pun intended, they're ok ish!

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