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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by davidmcc, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi there, My names Davie from up in Glasgow. Recently me an a few others (some forces, some civvy street, some emergency services) started meeting up as a car club as we could find a local or national club specifically for the emergency services and armed forces. After a few meetings and events we decided to start our own. Its open to absolutely anyone but we publicise it to the forces and services mainly. If your interested in cars we want you on the site, from classics and hillclimbs to trackdays and rallying, everyone welcome.

    Join up and help our club grow!

    Official Launch and forces publicity starts is in April but we are inviting some forums early to help us test forum and get the banter started.

    Thanks for reading

  2. I note you've not had much response. It could be that not many of us on here like to be forced to do or join anything. Just a thought :D
  3. Ive had a looksie round the forum and i daont think much of it
  4. it was just to let you know! :roll:
  5. Why 'Forced'?

    Seems a bad choice of a word for a club. Or maybe explain it in the 'Forced Car Club' thread as an intro.

    Observation not a criticism!

    And good luck with the forum, undecided at the moment as I'm a biker first, cager second!
  6. I agree. Forced Car Club sounds rather odd .....

    Forces Car Club sounds good though.
  7. Services Car Club may be more apt.

    Emergency Services

    Rescue Services

    Armed Services

    et al

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