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Discussion in 'RMR' started by s6270, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. From what I've seen the job of force protection at Bastion, including the protection of the IRT and MERT, is carried out by a company of TA soldiers. I'm wondering if RMR lads can volunteer to be attached to this company to do that role. Has anybody heard of that or seen any opportunities to do it?
  2. Short answer - NO
    RMR normally augment a unit on deployment ie there are a number being mobilised shortly to support a forthcoming deployment ( details withheld )
    Previously RMR have formed a Force Protection Troop that have deployed to support RN in IRAQ but that task is now finished
  3. Why would you want to do force protection, rather than do a proper job on the ground?
  4. In answer to your question about why I would rather do force protection it is because I broke my leg badly so I would struggle doing offensive ops or long foot patrols. I really want to deploy again however I don't want a job that would be completely behind the wire. I see force protection, with the role of IRT and MERT, as a good option.
    I'm a serving Marine but I know very little about the deployment opportunities for RMR. I realise that they get integrated into regular units but can they volunteer for individual posts that are open to the TA? That might seem an unusual question but basically I'm trying to see if the reserve status is specific to the service ie RM or Army
  5. there are always a number of individual requirements / FTRS opportunites for RMR ranks which are published on weekly orders.
    these vary from week to week and they range across rank and SQ. Some are UK based some overseas. Details of current vacancies would not be suitable for open discusion in this forum, although i do have them
  6. s6270, you may be interested to hear the RNR Sea(Res) branch does nothing but supply reserve manpower to FPGRM... not sure if this is the force protection role you had in mind but thought it might be of interest.
  7. there are current FTRS billets available for RMR ranks at FPGRM.
    Anyone with a pussers email account can pm me and i will forward the details via DII
  8. Surely an RMR lad can think of something more interesting to do than force protection? Why not look at attachments to 3 Commando brigade on an FTRS?
  9. The force protection role is not exactly a role I'd choose to do if I had more choice but because of an injury I could be quite restricted in what other opportunities I have. I'm leaving the regular corps because I'm unlikely to be able to conduct frontline duties so FTRS doesn't really help much. I'm not yet in the RMR so it's difficult to know what deployment opportunities they offer but I saw force protection as a way of at least doing something that allows me to deploy and that doesn't involve being constantly on camp. Basically I'm just looking at what options I have.
  10. PM MOOSE mate i'm sure he can probably point you in the right direction if he hasn't done so already!!!
  11. If you're injury precludes you from serving on the front-line and is the reason for you leaving the regs, I wouldn't be surprised if they turn you away from the RMR.

    If you can't be deployed in a frontline capacity the same as a regular, you're not much good to the RMR. There may be deployed stores or clerks jobs you can do, not exactly great, but still gives the opportunity to get on the ground, rarely though.

    Sorry but that's the way they may see it.
  12. Speaking as TA who did IRT last year; this is the best role of the FP Coy by a long margin, and subsequently, it's the one you do least often (stagging on being your main duty). Plus the FP Coy augments certain FOBs, so you would be 'frontline' for a portion of your tour. It's now being handled by the Raf Reg anyway, so would suggest you look at RauxAF Reg?
  13. It's not just reservists who do IRT and MERT - plenty of us regulars about too (IRT as well as the medical side).
  15. dogsnaffle, that is exactly what I'm accepting. I'm very aware that the standard required to be P2 is far less than the standard required for frontline ops. It would not be right for me to deploy unless I knew I could do the job and I wouldn't do so regardless of how much I want to get back as a grav
  16. Roger all.

    There is a constant requirement for Viking Drivers - you might look at that.
  17. MOOSE you have a PM.
  18. reply sent

    good luck

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