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For Whom The Bell Tolls

Just another crook to add to the list of crooks drawing expenses from the public purse. The allowances that Servicemen and -women receive for living and working in London are enough for anyone to live on. What makes me laugh is That at least 2 of the 3 alternative addresses that I was shown prior to working in Main Building (Kennington and near Greenwich) were owned by MPs!


War Hero
The BBC are reporting that a record number of MPs are leaving Parliament for good when the election is called next year The stated reasons are mainly to do with the Expenses scandal and the new regime.I think for many it is "take the money and run the gravy train has slowed right down."
There is worry in some quarters that the newly elected MPs will have too high a proportion of inexperienced people.I don't care as long as they don't try to pick up the expense fiddling baton from the outgoing crowd.


War Hero
And they talk about 'public service' ..... how many MP's have you heard say...'I came into politics to......' 'Serve the people who elected me'
'Put something back'
'Change society for the better'
'Help create a fairer system'

Now they are giving the reason for leaving as..... 'I've been found with my hand in the till and I can no longer fleece the taxpayer so I'm going'

I somehow can't see the next lot with halo's above their heads, but there again, maybe I'm cynical !
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