For those who love loud bangs

One to cheer up Froggy. Excellent video too.

BBC website 29 Sep 2012 said:
A Royal Navy bomb disposal team has safely detonated a large World War II mine a mile off the coast of Falmouth. The German device, 6ft (1.8m) by 3ft (91cm), which contained more than 700kg (1,540lb) of explosives, was towed out to sea from the Helford River...
P.S. Previously posted this in 'The Fleet' forum but it doesn't show up on the 'Last 50' page for some reason. Interested to see if it appears now,
Its amazing how the little bugger stayed hidden for so long, given the gazzilion number of minutes the branch has spent doing, ahem !! sea bed surveys in that area, and very tasty those surveys were as I recall !
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