For those who haven't seen - SSBN Pin and Submariner Patch images.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Bearing Rate, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. dolphin patch.jpg bomber.jpg

    I know a few havent seen these yet. The patch has to be worn on working rig (8's/4's and overalls)
    The pin silver < 19 patrols gold >19, worn on No1's & No3B on the pocket 3A-smaller version on tie.
    Dolphins are now also worn above pocket in No3B's
    I'm all for increasing our corporate identity!!
  2. Just out of interest submariners now wear this on 4's why dont FAA pilots wear their wings on their jumpers like AAC and the RAF?
  3. They don't wear wooly pully's, much more impact bimbling around in green ovies with a colouring pad sewn into the knees.
  4. ............."Dolphins are now also worn above pocket in No3B's" - no shit, sherlock. Where have you been for the last 3+ years?
  5. Completing my BSQ on your mothers ass
  6. You have actually completed a BSQ then?
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  7. Reason being that no-one gives a **** on a ship if you can identify a crew member as a pilot. On a submarine with sometimes up to 20-30 trainees onboard, wearing dolphins on your working rig enables easy identification of who are BSQ qualified and those who aren't.
  8. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    All these cub scout badges. Honestly, have confidence in who you are and just get on with it.

    What next, sewing badge and a badge for making your bed.

    And don't get me started on AB(Divers) and their badges in combats. Grrrrrr.
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  9. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Really, when - and where are they are all accommodated? I'm intrigued? Big boat with 20-30 extra hands!
  10. Anyone remember wearing the old battle dress tops with the white wooly pully underneath cica 1970's
    usedvto drive the dress patrols in Chatham ballistic.
  11. Having finally got around to getting my cloth badges and sewing one on, I heard from someone who went to get his from slops in Devonport this weekend that they are being discontinued for being too expensive.
  12. We trialled those sew on Dolphins in the early 90s when I was on the Opportune,think I may still have one at home somewhere, I remember a reggie having a go at me when I joined Faslane September 1993 because I stiil had them on my 8s shirt and woolly pully
  13. Sorry what are 3Bs?
    I ask in all seriousness and can you buy the patch anywhere?
    ie can some one get me a couple and a Bomber pin please xx
  14. 3Bs is short sleeve pilot shirt and black trousers,JRs wear that instead of half blues(white front is just for Nos 1s)
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  16. My bold. I have no doubt at all about the veracity of your statement.


    What about a situation where someone earned his Dolphins many moons ago on one class of boat and is now (after being inboard for quite some time) on a new class of boat. It is the first week of patrol and chummy is doing his re-qual while proudly wearing his stick on Dolphins..... when.... major incident with him on the spot? So not really qualified at all in this case.
  17. I remember the trial in the 90's, thought they looked shite then and having seen them being worn again, they still look shite. Blue on white for 4's would look better if you feel the need to wear dolphins on every item of clothing.
  18. Point taken. TBH I'm not that keen either, just seems to be getting a bit crazy now with all these badges - especially for a CPO non-tech with a trade badge over his left pocket as it is. But that's what I was told when I asked what they were for...

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