For those on AFPS/RFPS 05...

This does get missed by Unit Admin, but there has been a DIN released about this so things should be getting swept up swiftly.

If you're on the above pension scheme, you need to fill out an exciting form called the AFPS Form 2. What it's for is to enable any commutable pension/death in service payments go to a nominated person(s). In other words, if you die in service, nobody will get anything without any legal wrangling.

So it's in your best interests to get it done. In case anyone wonders, yes I'm on it, yes it's done. So if I get slotted in Afghanistan, my loved ones are covered.


Is this a new thing or should I have filled out one of these prior to my 2007 deployment??

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It's not really new as there had been some form that should have been issued when either transferring over to the AFPS/RFPS 05 or on joining Raleigh.

I know I didn't fill out such a form (it's a 5 minute job) and it's quite distinctive compared to other forms, but yes you should have filled one out. I believe BRNC was quite swept up on it though.

when you fill it in, your unit may ask for a copy to go into your pfile as there's no method of knowing which personnel have done it.


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Just a word on the reasoning. In AFPS 75 the death-in-service lump sum goes automatically to the spouse/civil partner. In AFPS 05 and RFPS the individual has a choice about who gets it. If you do not nominate, but have a spouse, civil partner or 'eligible' partner, they will get the lump sum eventually but there could be delays. To nominate removes all doubt about the member's intention.

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