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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Wellington, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I’m new here, but I’ve come to ask assistance on a subject you’re all bound to be passionate about. Several weeks ago, I made a post on the Conservative party’s leader, David Cameron’s, website, enquiring about what he intends to do about the drastic funding cuts and decline of our Navy by the Labour party over their time in power – if and when he gets into office.

    The system works by users posting a question, much like a forum, while other users vote on it. Cameron will personally answer the top three questions voted for, along with two others at random. My question made it to the top three until last night, when the site was hijacked by a community asking for answers to questions he’s already answered. I would greatly appreciate it if any of you are willing to sign up there and vote for an answer to this question – as the only way it’ll make the bar now is if the Royal Navy shows itself in force.

    Thank you for your time and I apologise if this is out of place or ignorant, as I said I’m new here.

    Question: Question for David – Conservative Party’s Plans for Britain’s Armed Forces
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Done, I am interested to find out exactly what the Armed Forces policy for the tories will be, I think you may have made it a little too directed toward the RN though, now if you could get ARRSE members to vote the vote count would go through the roof.
  3. Your not out of place or ignorant. Welcome. David Cameron likes to get on bandwagon. Oops make that a bike with chauffered car behind????
  4. Cameron will say exactly what you want to hear and like all politicians what he says he will do and what he will actually do should he come to power are two different things. Personally I would not trust a politician further than I could spit, as they are all suffer from a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur.
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I take it you're not interested then?
  6. chieftiff, I am but sadly I see this as a pointless exercise.
  7. Thanks for the support. Yes, I know I focused on the Navy, but I believe they’ve taken the heaviest blow out of the three so far – and it’s disgusting to say the least. They Type-45 and CVF programmes are something, but is it enough now and will they ensure the programmes are upgraded and replaced as necessary? As things are going now, the answer is no.

    For those of you who voted, I’ll post the link to the video answer when it comes out – if it gets there of course. :D
  8. The Tories were responsible for most of the most savage cuts in defence spending, and I see nothing in what they are saying now that means they have repented of this policy. The only reported difference from Labour is that they would use us less (and therefore need to spend less on us).

    No crumbs of comfort there; despite this and demonstrating my weakness for optimism I have added my vote.
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I get your point but the Tories seem to have talked around the subject, Liam fox is quick to (rightly) have a go at NuLabour but I would be interested to see if Cameron has anything constructive to say, he may even get my vote.
  10. You wearing green then ct? he has never had a constructive word to say about our forces?? Winnie the Pooh for PM anyone?
  11. If they make a Manifesto Promise, whereby they promise that they will properly fund the Royal Navy, Army and RAF. One they have to promise to keep throughout their time in Office.

    Whatever the Tories do, it cannot be worse than Labour.
  12. Which is why I am desperately trying to get this question answered. DC already voted for trident, in labours favour, showing he has an interest in national defence. With his tendency to do what the people want for popularity, flooding this with votes and comments may show him how much we care. The junior doctors were going at him for months on this site when they arrived in force and he’s been campaigning around the country for them ever since.

    I was sceptical about this too at first, but then I noticed how much effort he puts into it and how it actually sways his decisions.
  13. Phil---------The Tories were responsible for most of the most savage cuts in defence spending,------Like TSR 2 and CVA-01 and other projects--no that was the Socialists and Jenkins etc. Although years ago--those actions have had long and lasting effects!!
  14. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Sadly the story is not as clear cut as you would have us believe, the Tories embarked on a series of manpower savings designed to spread the benefits of the "peace dividend" Labour completed that policy and then proceeded to add its own round of Defence savings whilst committing us to increased "employment" On reflection both were shortsighted policies however only one of those parties has continued to pursue them despite some pretty obvious signs that all is not well! The party I voted for incidentally:- (Note to self - IDIOT!)

    Aussie pint, I wear green, blue and buff on an apparently random basis and use spanners, guns and pens equally!
  15. Ahhh CT did you just ask me out on a date???? xx
  16. Well Jenkins was the one who did the yapping---so he gets the plaudits for it!!!!
  17. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Mrs Chieftiff also wears green, blue and buff but on a less random cycle, (more buff) uses spanners, guns and pens but not equally (guns more) I therefore obviously love her very much :lol:
  18. Opportunist CF xx He has never said anything about forces or NHS!!! Sorry he hasn't my vote x
  19. Kudos to Mrs CT.
  20. I too wrote to DC a while back and the following is what I received back.

    Many thanks for copying your email to David Cameron - I'm replying on his behalf.

    The Conservative Party regularly complains about the Prime Minister's cavalier approach to our armed forces, increasingly willing to deploy them around the world, but increasingly unwilling to give them the resources necessary to carry out their tasks. The consequences are that our troops are in greater danger and our missions are at greater risk of failure.

    Under this Labour Government the UK spends just 2.2% of its GDP on defence, the lowest figure since 1930. We are all rightly proud of all our armed forces, their courage, dedication and professionalism. But Government must decide whether to increase the resources we devote to defence to match our commitments, or reduce our commitments to match those resources. We certainly cannot continue indefinitely with the level of overstretch and inadequacy of equipment that we now have. The quality and morale of our forces are at risk.

    This is a matter that has been taken by Shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox on a number of occasions. Dr Fox has recently written to Defence Secretary Des Browne demanding to know why cash curbs and capability gaps are being intensified at a time when the UK Armed forces are facing wide ranging international commitments and has warned: "This situation is untenable. The Government is taking the Armed Forces for granted at a time when they are stretched tighter than ever."

    I can assure you that both Dr Fox and David Cameron will continue to hold the Government to account on this matter.

    David Cameron has also promised to draw up a special manifesto for the families of Britain's Armed Forces, following the outcry over the poor standard of accommodation provided on Army bases.

    You may also want to read what David Cameron said about our armed forces in his conference speech this year - which I have attached.

    Thank you once again for taking the time and trouble to write.

    Yours sincerely,

    Alice Sheffield

    David Cameron's Office
    House of Commons
    London SW1A 0AA

    Whilst I am unconvinced that the tories will improve the situation for the armed forces at least they had the decency to reply to my e-mail, while my e-mail to my local liarbour mp continues to go unanswered, which proves to me what a bunch of cnuts labour really are.


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