For those joining Raleigh in May 2009

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rwilliams_006, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Me too
  2. Haha williams get used to be called guy.
  3. Guys and gurls, gays and gronks, they're all the same.... just different bits performing different functions in different places. ;)

    If your voices have not yet broken lads, they may place you with the girls. :thumright: :dwarf:

    ....oooo errrr, Slim's voice has suddenly become falsetto....
  4. Oh Jesus, standby for reams of silly old sods lurking about the Torpoint ferry looking for a blond northern lass asking her if shes the famous bungy off RR.....

    Mind you, a quick lurk around Preston or Crewe might be in order..... :afro:
  5. How very dare you try to pull Guzzlers bit of fluff?
  6. It's OK hig - I'll be tuned in to the ferry webcam all day on 3 May.
  7. Dam i would love to be on you intake. If i was i know what you look like because your pic, so i would not tell you who i am i. By doing that i can then film you and give it to guzzler for 10p.
  8. Are you more of a voyeur Chico?
  9. I think he may be a vouyer, he hasn't learnt what to do yet, he's still trying to learn.
  10. So Even in disguise, I suppose that a blow job is out of the question then? :w00t:
  11. Bungy is a nickname for Williams, as is Knocker for White or Jumper for Collins.
  12. Would Please make a difference?

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