For those about to join the Marines and those who are at CTC.....

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by ratt6809, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. I have posted on this forum lately stating that i wanted to do the Commando Course and was being held back because of my age (35). My reasons for wanting to do this are simple... In 1998 i was accepted into the Corps and began recruit training. As those of you who have experienced CTC will testify, it's hard man...really ******* hard. A lot of blood, a shed load of sweat and some tears are mandatory. At week 25 during the 12 mile load carry i buggered my knee ligaments and there i was, stuck in Hunter Troop with the rest of the broken Nods. I can honestly say that this was the lowest point of my time at CTC, stuck in a troop with a shagged knee, having to watch troop after troop pass out, walking around the camp with their family/friends in their blues and new Green lids looking like the dogs tits and proud as ****... I was pissed off big time. Maybe being stuck in Hunter affected my mindset, maybe i was just having a bad day i don't know, but after 5 months of being layed up i "wrapped" and stuck my chit in. (even though my knee was more or less healed) The Captain i was brought before didn't want me to go but i persisted and eventually my request to go was granted and that frosty February morning as i left Lympstone was a new start as a free man.. No more kit inspections, no more getting thrashed, no more wet and dry routine, no more ******* Gorse bushes...Great! It was a feeling that was short lived. From that point until now i have had chances to go back. I nearly signed back up in 2000 but decided to get married instead. I had the opportunity to go RMR in 2002 with a mate of mine but the wife put the brakes on that idea... and before i knew it all chances are all but gone. Time goes quicker than you think and now i'm pretty much fucked. Chances are i will NEVER get the Green lid...hell i might not even get the chance to try, and that people is a sobering and sad realisation. I'll probably never forgive myself. The moral of this story is simple... If you are at CTC now or thinking of joining, give it everything. Don't piss about just do it, and don't stop doing it until you get that lid. Trainings shit. It's meant to be. The Training team are *********,They're supposed to be. Your going to be pissed off and hanging out of your own arse most days. But trust me on this... Not finishing the course when you have the chance is a million times worse...

    All the best and good luck to you all
  2. Ninja_Stoker

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  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm not going to blow bubbles.

    Week 25?

    I was in Hunter, for a week. Shit place to be. I'd failed one of the speed marches. Didn't happen again.

    The only reason you're in the place you are is it's your fault, you're weak.
  4. That's a bit harsh wet blobby to be fair. You've said yourself that Hunters a shit place to be. You try it for 5 months. Your morale and motivation falls out of your arse. I resent the implication that I'm weak.. I had a moment of weakness when I was at my lowest and it has served to bite me in the backside. Lesson learned. Don't make the assumption that I'm weak. We all **** up sometimes...
  5. Blackrat

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    At least you tried. However, life goes on. There is still the TA or other reserves you can crack on with. No use crying over spilt milk to be honest.
  6. Bottom line is you want a geen lid but you can't have one. The line has to be drawn somewhere - accept it and move on.

    Look at it this way, your 'finish line' is green lid on head, the Corps actually needs 'green lid = just a milestone with no finish line beyond that'. Too old is too old and part of growing older is that we learn to value the shorter time we have left. Refocus and make the most of it rather looing back and paralysing yourself with 'if onlys'. Move on, crack on.

    Basically, what BR said but with more psycho-babble and not restricting you to a forces centric view (man).
  7. Ninja_Stoker

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    Another way of looking at it is a person now aged 35 when the maximum age is 32 was also 'over age' 7 years ago when the maximum age was 28 for Royal Marines.

    The maximum age was increased to 32 around 2005, so a second window was opportunity was available.
  8. Yeah. You all got a point gents. Just gotta move on. Judging by the gym session I've just done I'm far from the required standard phys wise anyway... I reckon by the time I've got fit enough even for selection, that would add another few months onto the time scale. And even if by some miracle I could do the course, after basic training and all that I would probably be nearer 37... And totally written off. **** me, talk about a reality check lol :)
  9. Quote...Trainings shit. It's meant to be. The Training team are *********

    This is why you failed...The training is the toughest, it has to be. The Training team are thoroughly professional, experienced NCO's.
  10. Can only agree reference training teams; some may have had different experiences but I never encountered an ******** in my time. Are you confusing high expectations and necessary pressure with egotism?
  11. No you've both misunderstood what I was trying to say. I stated that "at the time" you think that the training team are *********, when in fact they are only trying to get the best out of you. I know this now. Wish I had known at the time. Saying that though there was 1 or 2 that I encountered that were just nasty, plain and simple. One in particular a PTI.... Him I sincerely hope his legs have dropped off...
  12. Stop digging this hole mate! Your last line of comment is about as insensitive and inappropriate as it can get. Do us all a favour and call it a day!
  13. Still lacking the sense of perspective while displaying the entrenched self-focus that saw you wrap your tits in; good effort. Please don't tell me this is going to end in tears..
  14. Er.. Ok, I appear to have ruffled a few feathers here inadvertently. No offence was intended that phrase is used a lot around these parts but evidently not where you live so you won't get it. Apologies...
  15. ratters,

    I hope your apology over a badly-worded opinion does smooth those ruffled feathers but promise not to do it again, posters at RR have been shredded for much less! :wink:

    Harking back to your OP re - 'The moral of your tale' - a salutory lesson indeed for many a potential aspirant for which you deserve some credit as this is probably about the only place that you can (anonymously) unburden yourself about your earlier experiences and most would understand your current feelings of frustration over missed opportunities.

    You now appear to have come to turns with your situation so keep in mind that, although you can never collect that green lid, at least you made much more progress towards it than the many others who fell beside the wayside much earlier than you did.

    As I said on your other thread, time now for you to pitch yourself towards more realistic yet still challenging & achievable goals.

  16. Hi Bob, thankyou for the comment. I must admit that I was confused at how I managed to upset people, but thinking about it an "off the cuff remark" about loss of limbs on a bootneck forum was a stupid thing to say when I consider those service people that have been hurt in Ghaners and other places.. Again no offence was intended and I apologise again. I came on this forum to get some advice or ideas to fulfil what I started all those years ago and I have been called a "Walter" and a "badge collector" comments which annoyed me, but I understand how these opinions can be formed, and of course people are entitled to their opinions. I feel I've done what I needed to now and if my tale of woe prevents others from going through my predicament then at least I've achieved something in my eyes. If I don't post on here again, all the best to you all. Ratt6809
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ruffle as many feathers as you want in Lil's mate. That's what it's for.

    By the way, PTI's are notorious *******. I hope the ones i had in basic have had pianos dropped on their heads.
  18. ratt6809 apology accepted, I can't speak for others but I for one haven't been 'ruffled'. It's always hard to look at oneself in mirror and take full responsbility for what you see. While there are some on here who enjoy baiting new members, my only intention was to get you to consider the motivations of others whilst you try to hold yourself to account for what you see as a failure.

    While it was no doubt different back in the day, my experience of Lympvitz is that all involved in recruit training have a pass ethos as their default setting. The standard is the standard; the training team don't need to make training any harder than is designed to be.

    The pass ethos inevitably gets balanced with, "would I want this man in my section on ops?" Where your treatment lies in relation to these two key motivators of those involved in your training is for you to reflect on.

    All this said, heed the original advice, move on, it's only a skeleton in your cupboard if you view it as such.
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  19. I did a total of ten months in Hunter. The first time I dislocated my knee that put me out for five months, got released back in a troop then four weeks later I got a stress fracture. But yeah Hunter is shit, training is shit (not all parts but most of it is) but its the lads that make it worth while. And now im a Matlow.
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  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yeah, but we can tell you were a Royal.

    Two things;

    1. It's matelot

    2. You still wear a green ferret :-D

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