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Here's the other two, White one is my do anything bike, Beta Alp 350cc. lovely old girl.
Blue one 1978 Yamaha IT175cc enduro, back in the day these were the dog's bollo's.
Only a 175 but light as feather and it goes like hell!
Always got time for a 175 enduro quality mate


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Was watching Henry Cole last night with the Centenary model Guzzi :
Series 10 episode 1.
Guzzi are doing well at the moment and putting some nice bikes out there
A couple of the Guzzi club members interviewed are mates of mine.
Paul (guy with the tache) knows Guzzis inside out and is the one of the club's technical guru.
He's also a boffin on Ducatis and raced them when he was younger
Serena (Paul's Mrs) was also interviewed, she's owned Guzzis for 30+ years and goes all over Europe
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Got to agree Guzzis are great bikes, Farmer I used to deliver broiler feed to has an ex US Highway Patrol V750. Had a go on it round the yard once. Lovely bike but much heavier than I'm used to.
Bit of a weird sensation with the shaft drive take up but easy bike to ride for a big machine.


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I have always kept a lookout for festive dogs making sport in the roadway and it has served me well. To date have never hit a dog, festive or otherwise, in many years of driving.

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