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For the love of motorbikes

Owned bikes since I was thirteen years old, lived in the country, so plenty of places to ride back then. Now 74 and full of metal work, my wife has banned me from riding anymore but supported me restoring something to keep me off the streets!! So bought this off a mate and took two years to build something completely different.


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Nice. What are the build details?
I've got a '73 CZ 380cc motocrosser in bits for a complete rebuild as the latest project.
Went back to a place I worked for 2011 - 2017, went back in August 2021 till February 2022, as a welder fabricator instructor. They make agricultural equipment and have their own sand blasting and powder coating department. I was able to do the welding mods on the forks and swinging arm also get a load of stuff blasted and powder coated. I have a Facebook page RnxsChatham, I have a load of photos of the entire rebuild, if you would like a look?
Due to a bit of grumping from our resident Book Reviewer perhaps a thread about motorbikes is in order.
Best bikes, worst bikes, sport, two wheeled tales in general, on it's own thread.
My worst? That bloody awful BSA c15.
Best? close thing between Ducati 350 desmo or Triumph Tiger 100.
What was up with the C15? I bought a clapped out 1961 SS80 in 1966, had a new big end, mains and rings and went like shite off a shovel, sold it a few years later to the brother of a pal of mine, he eventually part ex’d it for a Barracuda, which he subsequently wrote off in a collision with a Moggy 1000, driven by one of my old school pals. Had friends with them too but never heard of any problems. What was up with yours?🤔
I had two c15s over the years, first one when I first started riding on the road. This was an early model with the 'mushroom' type external distributor/points housing. A well used example that was scruffy to look at and could be a reluctant starter. It was better than the previous weapon, a Francis Barnett, but only just. After a lot of saving, working all hours on farms and spending hour after hour grinding cylinder head valves by hand for my engineer father, I bought a brand new Suzuki Super Six 250cc.
If you think a C15 goes like shit off a shovel you never rode one of these as a sixteen year old brought up on asthmatic old British hurdles! That Suzuki was quite capable of seeing off Brit 500s of the day, and best of all was always a first kick starter.
Second C15 was an ex works 1961 C15T trials model I bought from Malcolm Davies Motorcycles as a basket case. Rebuilt with a new piston and big end that old girl ran for years, but as a trials bike never had the nuts revved off it, which caused the early death of many C15 engines.

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