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There is a charity run called Hogging the Bridge which will take place in October where you can join in (with a small fee) a run across the M 48 Severn Bridge to Magor a thenalong the A roads back to Chepstow. a lot of bikers dressup for the occasion, Last year over 3500 met up at Aust services but you wil have to view the website for more details of this years timetable
for more information type in google (or what ever you use) hogging the bridge and i found the very first one on teh list is the official website Hogging the the Bridge - Home
email given hogging the

this year the event is on October 19th started near the Aust Services at 11.00 am.

same as last year with events at the race course but quite a few of the old regulars will be heading into Chepstow first.

Are you planning to join in this year.
I will keep in mind your suggestions and now I have note down the event date and will go there after completing the yellowstone tours packages. Moreover I never prefer to search on Goolge although sometime I used it but I always prefer to others reviews about anything. That's why I used the communities to take part and share different ideas. What do you think Am I right?
I can not argue with you on your choice of sites to frequent. There are good, bad and like TV channels full of repeats. But once you find a good site to view mark it and enjoy.

I find the net useful in my research, but then there are only a few sites I prefer to use and Navy Net was recommended to view on one of the forums I frequent and I like it.
Is that supposed to be funny ?
Nope. A Motorcyclist is about 20 times more likely to die in an accident than a car driver*. Biking in the wet is an increased risk factor; being an experienced biker with a large/powerful bike is another risk factor.

The UK is short of organ donors**. If you're going to do a very risky activity, then updating your organ donor status is probably worthwhile.

* http://webarchive.nationalarchives....h/rsrr/theme5/indepthstudyofmotorcycleacc.pdf
After 37 year on and off the bike i concider myself very very lucky.

I have had quite a few accident (mostly not my fault) and even more near misses, but with all the broken bones, months in hospital or recovery I have not lost any limbs. although at one time it was touch and go with head injuries.

Yet March this year because of a silly fall I smashed my right elbow and had replacement hing and rods.

So I have a great respect for my fellow bikers, and wish them a long and safe life on the road.

I saw on the local news that they plan to make it a mandatory doner card with you having to make your own decision if you wish to opt out of it completely or in part.
I just love ignorant doom sayers like ATG who consider themselves World Authorities on Fecking Everything.

In 2013, 362 motorcyclists including pillions were killed on British Roads, compared to 8560 car drivers /passengers. So making sarcastic nasty comments about Bike riders being organ donors isn't either funny or accurate.

being an experienced biker with a large/powerful bike is another risk factor.
No being experienced is not a risk factor, likewise a large poweful bike isn't either. According to the IAM and RoSPA, the inexperienced young riders on 125cc are at most risk of injury. Which is why, training and testing of inexperienced riders is the main focus to try and reduce accidents.

So whilst it isn't rocket science, it is a bit more complicated that the rantings of an arrogant junior officer.
I did quite a lot of reading on the subject while I was training for my bike license. Just looked up a MCN article:

And sorry to say it is people like me who are statistically the most likely to be killed on our bikes. That is:

"Men aged between 35 and 55 riding bikes over 125cc on rural roads remains the most likely scenario for an accident and account for two thirds of all motorcycle crashes; the vast majority of which were single vehicle crashes."
I read an in depth report once (can't find it now sorry) that elaborated further. Us middle age guys on our mean machines (that we bought as part of our midlife crisis and so could afford to do a Direct Access course and then go straight to 600cc plus) have a habit of going out and riding them too fast on sunday afternoons. Left hand bends within 5miles of home take the biggest prize (for the non-bikers these are the ones where you are going too fast, can't get round the curve, cross the white line and meet you coming the other way in your car).

I spent 12 months from last August commuting between Pompey and Guzz on my bike all through the winter. There were windy rainy foggy days in Januarary when I would have stopped and got off if I hadn't been in the middle of nowhere in Dorset!

Bottom line though is that we all know the risks and ALL road users need to just drive with a bit more approeciation of other road users. There is a great speeding advert here in NZ with the by-line 'Slow Down - Other people make mistakes'
Back on topic, I am an organ donor, I rarely went on Sunday afternoon rides, (except the trek back to work) and now I ride a 250 scooter for my 12 mile each way daily commute. I didn't have any accidents but my near miss with the front of a truck one afternoon on the A303 as I squeezed through the gap after a stupid overtake, was a wake up call that I prefer not to think to hard about.
P1000403-small.jpg On a lighter note - how about we brighten this 'For the bikers' thread, with some pictures od RRs' machines?

Clearly he needs a decent jacket and trousers!
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