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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by BillyNoMates, Jul 17, 2010.

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  1. 1 x large bag of Portland cement. Recently discovered in my main shed.
    Stowed for approximately 5 years. Now just one solid 50 Kilo
    lump. Would make a nice door-stop, or could have hole drilled
    through it so it can be used as an interesting water feature.
    (Pump not included).

    No reasonable offer refused. (Buyer collects).

    Thank you. :headbang:

    * * * * * *
  2. It's your lucky day.

    I cleared out the shed this morning so I'll swop for a 3 year old bag of multi-purpose compost, 2 Ford Escort hubcaps and a plastic 2 litre carton of god knows what.
  3. You should put that on ebay - I bet you get some bids.
  4. I thought that we could have a sort of "RumRation-Bay" on which we could flog each other all the shite we have collected over the decades...

    I've got a copy of "Flags of all Nations" somewhere in the loft and I think
    I may have one of Princess Annes turds encased in perspex up there also.

    (She dropped a Royal Log down trap one - Wardroom HMS COURAGEOUS, when on an official visit and it was kind of divided up between interested parties.......a very rare collectors item indeed!).

    Certified official by D.N.A. test from Horatio Clackworthy of CSI Macclesfield).

    Anyone interested feel free to start a bidding war.
  5. Was it countersunk at one end :?:
  6. Rivetted.

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