For sale - Detached ship.

Click on the *Additional Specifications* link. Open up the form you want - and make 'em an offer!

Please remember that it'll cost an additional £5.99 postage and packing though.......but the delivery van driver will leave it with the neighbour if you're out.
Don't rush into things. There's a 'compare' button so take a look around and see how it staks up against some of their other stuff.
If its not sold - then it's going to be busted down into 500,000,000 bits and
sold in in of those weekly "self assembly" magazine specials at only £3.99
a week.....for the next 135 years.

All you'll need is a decent welding kit and some rolls of maskers.

yamyamdabber said:
Do you reckon you could get it on hire purchase or would it have to be cash up front??
Just been on the BBC website....... they're selling banks in Ireland apparently..... reckon you could pick one up cheap..... problem solved ! ;P
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