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For our American cousins


War Hero
When will these guys learn! We all drip, we all get pi**ed off, we're not always motivated to do what our Govt. asks us to do............. So you drip to your mates, you add a bit of humour that's pobably inappropriate but you do it for your mates and they laugh, share the joke and we all move on. You don't do it to a fecking video camera for it to be broadcast to the world. Journo's get hold of that and that lad will regret it forever, watching it from here is totally out of context. Who is the idiot who thought it a good idea to put it on tinternet!


War Hero
Yep can understand why they can't win the "Hearts and Minds" aspect of this. :roll:

Edit: sheesh wait until they institute the draft... 8O


War Hero
letthecatoutofthebag said:
What's worse? Taking an iPod on a seaboat or taking a video camera and recording this ignorant rubbish?

LTCOOTB - well if you cant work that one out for yourself............or is that just irony?!

I watched the whole video. No surprises. A lot of hearts and minds being lost for the long term by a few thoughtless guys who need adequate leadership and direction. The opportunities are there but the leadership isn't grasping them either at unit level or higher. All for the costs of a few sweets, pens, even dollar bills and the banning of video cameras.
letthecatoutofthebag said:
What's worse? Taking an iPod on a seaboat or taking a video camera and recording this ignorant rubbish?

You cannot record video (though you can record audio & display video) on an iPod. Frankly Higgy's video.... talk about bad PR with the native population, and they wonder why they're hated so much. Doh!


Yankee_Sailor said:
Can I get a synopsis? I'm at sea and my bandwidth sucks.

Video footage of Afghanistan. Bright blue skies. High mountain river. Looks like Hindu Kush in some of the background shots. Group of raggedy kids dressed in salwar kameez and either barefoot or in sandals. All of them pretty scruffy and obviously dirt poor. Bright-eyed, grinning and laughing; asking for pens or biscuits or a dollar.

Asking USMC infantry.

The Americans are laughing back but using foul words behind their smiles. Verbally abusing the kids and encouraging them to chant derogatory english phrases about themselves. The Americans looking overfed and bored and whining about being in Afghanistan and how it's not as good as California or Hawaii. Utter contempt for the people. Utter contempt for their mission.

The bare truth behind the spin of nation-building and spreading democracy.

Ugly Americans. Shameful.



War Hero
if thats the truth about the video, thats old news. most of the marines have been court-martialed by this point; why keep bringing it up?
I don't think it's that bad really.

Teaching kids to swear in a foreign language is important.
Merde and shitze are the only things I say to Johnny foreigner.

If it's a choice between B52ing them or this, then it's an improvement. Next stop is giving them ipods and inflatable boats as presents like us nice Brits. :D

Deleted 7

Is this what they show in US schools;

Fail or drop out and you can be a USMC :lol:


Bergen said:
Utter contempt for the people. Utter contempt for their mission.

The bare truth behind the spin of nation-building and spreading democracy.

Ugly Americans. Shameful.


We don't do "hearts and minds." I don't write that to be flippant, I write it because we pay it lip service, but don't really train anyone to do it. And we haven't "put our money where our mouth is" until recently with the upgrading of our Foreign Area Officer programs.

The U.S. Marines claim they are the nation's "911 force" and say they can do anything, but they really don't do much well that doesn't involve defeating an enemy on a battlefield. That, they know how to do.


War Hero
Whats the drama? you should listen to the Kids in southern Iraq. I wonder where they got there new found English vocab.Seems like most of you lot are a bunch of civvies that have know idea what a servicemans humour is like. As per usual its the same old yank bashing crowd.
I think most of us have a pretty good idea what a servicemans humour is like, and why. The problem many of us now on the outside have is how do we explain and justify this to people who have no idea at all. Equally servicemans humour was OK whilst in general it stayed in the services, where all understood it' but now it is getting out into the wild where the vast majority do not understand it or the reason it is like that.
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