For anyone thinking of becoming a navy diver

Much like many others who are thinking of joining the mine clearance diving branch in the navy, I've been doing a lot of research.

I stumbled across a show that unfortunately could only be viewed in Australia, so i put it off. A week later i stumbled again on it on youtube, which was quite useful.

I've only watched a tiny bit of the first episode, and i don't know the differences between the Australian course and the UK one (Feel free to point them out) But it should be useful for anyone thinking of a career in diving. Theres 4 episodes, so a couple of hours of watching.

Its in 10 minute parts, so just click the next part to the right in the suggestions.

Heres the first part: Australian Navy Divers 1 (1 - 3) - YouTube

Thanks for the link renavon. The aussies are pretty hardcore, having a ten day equivalent to the PEDA! I do think that their clearance divers have more of a SF orientated role though as opposed to British MCDs, who are obviously not SF. Hence the crazy aptitude test/marathon.
No worries, also i would recommend the book 'Diver' by Tony Groom. He was a Mine Clearance diver in the falklands war. Obviously not exactly the same as now, but still an extremely interesting book
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