for anyone thats thinking of doing there motorbike test..

New rules for riders from 19 January 2013 just announced

Details of a new motorcycle licensing regime to be implemented next year have been confirmed by the Driving Standards Agency,At 19 they can qualify for a bike up to 47bhp by doing another test or undertaking additional training. This must be done on a machine over 395cc and between 33bhp and 47bhp.

so people are no longer limited to the 33bhp bikes and now allowed to drive a bike with uo to 47bhp once passed there catergory A motorbike test on a bike between 33bhp and 47bhp.
Depending on your age there may be good reasons to get the test done before the new rules come in, as the automatic ability to go up through bigger machines on experience / age is going, with manadatory tests for bigger bikes. If you do your test now you only do it once.

I just copied this from a website:

[h=1]Summary Table[/h] [TABLE="width: 491"]
[TD="width: 81"]Age 17 to 20
[TD="width: 352"]Currently at age 17 plus you can take your test on a 125cc bike. Pass and then have a reasonably powered bike (any motorcycle restricted to 33bhp) then just wait 2 years and you automatically get a full licence for any bike.[/TD]
[TD]Age 21 +
[TD]You can take your test on a 500/600cc bike and then have a licence for any bike, any power any size.

Alternatively - You could also still take the 125cc test shown above on a 125cc and have the restriction for 2 years then automatically get the full unrestricted licence too. [/TD]
[TD]Age 17 or 18
[TD]From 19th January 2013. You can take your test now on a 125cc and that's what you are limited to until the age of 19, when you can train and take another test if you choose - otherwise restricted permanently to 125cc. There is no automatic progression! [/TD]
[TD]Age 19 to 23
[TD]From 19th January 2013. You may take your test now on a 400cc or restricted bike (min 395cc - between 33 Bhp and 46.6 Bhp). When you pass then you can ride a restricted motorcycle producing no more than 46.6 Bhp Eg. older Kawasaki ER500 or a middleweight bike that has been professionally restricted. NOT however large bikes that originally produce more than 92 Bhp - this means pretty much everything over 600cc is excluded from you that is a modern sports bike or sports tourer. Also the power to weight ratio is set at a maximum of 0.2 Kw/Kg - this means light or smaller cc sports bikes are not allowed too.
Now wait 2 years or until you are 24 when you can train and take another test if you choose. There is no automatic progression! [/TD]
[TD]Age 24 or older
2013 [/TD]
[TD]From 19th January 2013 you may take training and pass your test on a 600cc plus motorcycle that produces at least 53.6 Bhp (much more powerful than the minimum today). Pass your test on this and you have a licence for any motorcycle, any size, any power. [/TD]
And to think in 1988 you could ride a Kwacker 1100 with this
(Sidewinder side car) bugger copyright image.
bolted on at 17 with L plates
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for me personally i would be better of waiting till the new rules had set in as i'm only 19 years old then would be able to ride a bike between 33bhp and 46.6 because i already have a bike lined up


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The problem with riding in the UK is the weather. I use to ride all year round apart from when there was ice, which is less than a couple of weeks of the year. The weather destory's your bike and even the best of gear can only keep you dry for so long.
That's the problem you need a car most of the time these days you might get the odd day where it's just a bit rain that can be lived with but soon as its Icey and all you have is a bike you might as well get yourself a bus pass as it would be cheaper than paying for the parts of a written off motorbike


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The rain can be as bad as ice especially after it's been dry for a while. All the oil leaks from the cage drivers can be deadly. Diesel is a massive problem on the road. Avoid it like the plague and take care when filling up at the pumps you don't run over any that has been spilt.

And watch out for those taxis drivers in front of you who signal left and then do a u-turn!
Couldn't be more true the most dangerous thing on the road for motorbike riders is the other people thy don't watch where there going!, think I will stick to been a week end rider and use my car jut to be safe
Rain, diesel, cagers, all part of riding in the UK. The only thing thats keeps me off my bike is Ice and heavy snow. Otherwise business as usual.

If your serious about riding - just get out there and ride. Advanced riding lessons, Plod Bike Safe training all worth the bother for the road craft knowledge.
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