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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chrisj09, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. That looks brill,think i will join up as a steward :D
  2. Aye saw this lastnight trawling through RN vids on youtube, was good to see what the place is like.
  3. was watching that ice patrol programe t'other night, saw the stewards on there. man its a **** job, I mean packing the captains bag?
  4. PMSL. mate im not even in the andrew yet. still waiting for my dates
  5. Thats alrite then there should be rules about inviting munting relatives to pass out parade.
  6. Did you see the size of the lockers? humongous!! Mine, when I joined was half that size. How is the divPO gonna see your boots and shoes on top of them gaints? They get it too easy nowdays.

    Ill stop dribbling now :wink:
  7. Hahaha nice :)

    Thanks for that

    I saw a proper old school pic and it looked pretty similar so I had an idea already.
  8. Why did they film the heads?Surely there the same where ever you go?
  9. I'd do the mum at 1:45.
  10. It doesnt look that much differnt from when my dad was there, and that was 29 years ago. :D
  11. Looks very nice. Can I book a fortnight next Spring?
  14. ...did you spot the jars of Vaseline on the shelves above the sinks ?. :)
  15. I think your find there air fresheners
  16. ....spoilsport. :roll:
  18. Those lockers are massive! I take it you get one of those on ship now as well!

    Brings back some memories, I miss the smell of Neutradol in the morning.

    Also who is the bird with the SA80? She would get it big time.

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