For all those who love to hate Manchester United

i hate and i mean HATE Man Utd with a passion - unless they are playing johnny foreigner and then its the lessser of two evils,

prancing german/french/italian/spanish cocks or a few non-manchester born idiots at work crowing about ronaldo etc etc etc


Mascherano was a complete steward that night especially after all the referee luvving that has taken place this week. he was sniping and gobbing off at the ref all game - imho he deserved to go


No way do i support Man Utd but you have to admire them as they are always in your face. I feel with all his show boating Ronaldo will get cattered just to slow him down. What would Vinny Jones have made of him?
They will probably win the league but it has not been a clear run and now Chelsea are getting close.


Lantern Swinger
I hate the dirty rags, more so as I've spent more time outside the UK and people haven't even heard of MCFC.

Damn foreigners


War Hero
Detest the scum with a passion - alas, 2 of my daughters support them - one born in Birkenhead (biggest traitor of them all), one in Guzz. Did feel a certain sympathy after Munich, but once Ferguson took charge, hated them with a vengeance - and always will
Hated them since 1983 when that dirty bastard Whiteside took out Chris Ramsey in the FA Cup Final against my boys Brighton and they scored the equaliser when he was still hobbling about before being subbed.
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